L+B At the Beach

L+B At the Beach
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Monday, January 31, 2011

Fiona/Koala Bear

We went to the Zoo on Friday and they have a new exhibit…
the Koala bears!

 They were super cute and extremely fluffy looking! The info stated that they sleep 18-22 hours a day so it was quite exciting when we saw one of them eating! As we were entering I was reading one of the posters and the picture reminded me of a picture I have of Fiona. I thought this was something…

Identical positions of sleepy bears...I just had to share!! :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Eventful Weekend

A little late on this post...

Saturday I went hiking with the ladies, it was our first Hiking Adventure! (Next Saturday...Papago!) We couldn't find the perfect trail so we decided to go UP haha! Kristian did a fabulous job, her one worry was “falling and rolling down the mountain"! We got to the top and chit chatted for awhile which was quite delightful. We hit up The Farm afterwards to get a bite to eat! A very neat place.

Sunday, Brian and I decided to finally go play tennis (we registered for rackets and balls...thanks Jake and Rachel) and it was so much fun plus quite the workout! The courts are approximately 40 yards from our house! After playing for awhile we brought Fiona in for a bit…it was hilarious!

I am using my old camera as my new one is back at Best Buy, errrr! But it has the best feature ever! It takes three pictures in a row (10 second intervals) and it comes in handy way too often and I have to admit that I may abuse this option, oops! ;)
Anywhere and everywhere... we (me) are ready to take pictures!

I love this one!

Brian said it looks like we took a picture of her, turned it, and placed it in the pic! :)

Oh...soooo tired and thirsty!

Looking forward to another great weekend…

But they make me not want to work during the week!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Love Note…

The one and only
Zero the Hero!!

He is sooo clever!
He left me a 100 Grand and his note said….
Give me a call if you ever want to ditch that
“Zero” of a husband
and get with a “Hero”!! **he even left his digits! Haha! :)

My huuusssband deserves a 100% in my opinion!! :)

Not too many men would dress up
(he did have muscles this year)
to please a bunch of kindergartners.
But my one and only did! I owe him big time for sure!

Look at the little guys stance and Zero's :)

Counting to 100!
Look at his quick get away! The kids did believe he flew in and flew out!
The airplanes got them again!

Friday, January 21, 2011

A Beautiful Painting!

I believe it was about a year and half ago or so my dearest friend Kristin Humphrey displayed her art work at Solo Café in Tempe! I was able make it to her showing and there was one piece of hers that I just loved!!!

A Little Info about the Artist:

She really is a person you just want to be around! She has gone on dates with Brian and I, she spent a wonderful weekend with my most fabulous friends and sister in San Diego (see here and here), she brought us to Temecula to tour the vineyards and drink some wine (which I will never forget), and to top it off her mother married Brian and I. She is pretty spectacular!

I met with Kristin over my holiday break. It was for approximately an hour and a half but it was all we needed! We sat in Casa de Humphrey’s (Kristin I forgot what you called it, hope its close) Hot Tub chit chatting and catching up. She did try to convince me to drive back to San Diego with her. Two years ago I would have said yes in a minute, no questions asked or things to think about. However; my first thought was I have to check with Brian but he is camping, which leads to what about Fiona, and oh did I get paid this week. Isn’t that something how life begins to change? I kind of wish I was still serving, making quick money, enjoying my own schedule and gallivanting around town with Brian!
But back to reality…I had to say No, blah!
As she was still trying to kidnap me she gave me something very special…

Wow! OoohLaLa! Amazing! The colors are out of this world!
and said Merry Christmas!
I am not sure she really knew how excited I was and how heartfelt her gift was. She is very talented and I feel honored to hang her art work in our home! She doesn’t know it yet but I will repay her somehow!

Thank You Kristin!
Check out her other awesomeness here… Cirello Gallery

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wedding Pictures! *

Brian and I were just looking at some of the wedding pictures from friends! Which makes me want my real deal photos sooo bad! *I heard from our photographer yesterday and she should have them done by this weekend or sooner. So if we do have them in we will have a
Lets Look at the Wedding Pictures Party
and anyone is welcome! :)
I seriously have been in such suspense and looking back I keep thinking "oh she had to get that one" and "cant wait to see this one"! I am also hoping she got ones that
I don't know about
(meaning her creativity, not that I cant remember) :)
If anyone has pictures that I have not seen I would love them! I made a Walgreen's album which anyone can upload and check out so if you have any please let me know. I will give you the album code to send them to. Thanks!

My Husband to be...

My Husband!!!
Eeee! Cant wait for more!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

15 Minutes!

A friend from work shared this fantastic idea with me! So basically you choose a task around the house, set the timer for fifteen minutes and complete as much of it as you can. For instance, I was cooking dinner the other day and Brian set the timer and cleaned out the side door of the refrigerator! A quick clean /organizing the closet in the guest bathroom was on my list today! It helps get the small things you don’t always think of done and it works best when you do it together!
Give it a try! :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Glendale Glitter and Glow

A fun and relaxing night with friends and mom! Not too mention the fantastic fat nasty food fix we had…a foot long hot dog, Indian fry bread, a Navajo taco that Brian would not stop talking about until it was gone ;) and of course kettle corn. It is so neat how big the hot air balloons are and how close you get to them. Usually you spot them far away in the air. The polar bear was really something! Overall, it is very hectic and you have to watch out for strollers that run over your feet but I would go again and recommend it to others, especially with kids!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Years 2011!

What a fantastic night this was! I have decided New Years is not New Years unless you have something planned! Two years ago we went to the hospital to meet Miss Mylie Jo, Steve and Kelley’s daughter who is just a little fabulous spark of life! I am hoping her 2nd birthday was fantastic! And to be honest I have no idea what we did last year for New Years!

For the last two years (maybe longer) I have really wanted to have a Casino Royale New Years party! Totally fancy style with sparkly dresses, men looking good in suits, poker tables, passed hors d'oeuvres, sparkling drinks, party hats and balloons on the floor; I hope you are envisioning what I am! But you know how stuff goes…it just has not happened yet! It will, I promise you that!

However; it did get somewhat close this year. Jenny decided to have a Thrift Store Formal and I was able to help plan the party! Jenny, Twyla and I went thrift store shopping one Sunday afternoon, I had exactly what I wanted in mind which is always bad because you never actually find it. I wanted something tacky and sparkly; instead I found a one piece jump suit that gave me a camel toe and a red throw over the shoulder kind of thing! We went the day of to find Brian's attire which was extremely amusing, what do ya know his gave him a man toe. That may have been too much information but it’s quite hilarious!

Overall it was the party to end the year and start the new one just right! Jenny thanks for letting us get down in your house, here are the pics to share what a night we had!!


Playing Left Right Center!! This game helped make the night a success!
BIG Winners!

And more Fun!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Has brought us some of the most
exciting things that can happen in your life!
Click below on each
it will bring you to each of them (in detail)!!

We bought Our First Home (well it was kinda 09)!

I received my Masters degree!

We got our first puppy dog
The one and only Miss Fiona Pearl!

This is what we call LOVE (hugs and kisses)...puppy style!!
How would you not want to squeeze her?!?

We Got Married!
I almost don't want  to show any pictures because we have been in suspense for quite some time! And honestly no link as of now has done the whole scoop so I guess I am going to keep you in suspense and make you check back soon! :)
Oh fine maybe just one...(or two) but you may have already seen these!

 Eeee! No one has seen this one yet!
Friends if you are checking....
You look Amazing!
I know we have many more (cant wait to see them)!
Oh the purple is something...and the flowers!! Love!
Oh there are many more things I can catch you up on
such as the Honeymoon
but I just don't feel right jumping ahead
of the wedding! So stay tuned!

There were many wonderful events in 2010
that have brought us much joy!
But as anyone knows we have been through some times
that have surely made our relationship stronger!
Here is to 2011!