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L+B At the Beach
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wedding Pictures! *

Brian and I were just looking at some of the wedding pictures from friends! Which makes me want my real deal photos sooo bad! *I heard from our photographer yesterday and she should have them done by this weekend or sooner. So if we do have them in we will have a
Lets Look at the Wedding Pictures Party
and anyone is welcome! :)
I seriously have been in such suspense and looking back I keep thinking "oh she had to get that one" and "cant wait to see this one"! I am also hoping she got ones that
I don't know about
(meaning her creativity, not that I cant remember) :)
If anyone has pictures that I have not seen I would love them! I made a Walgreen's album which anyone can upload and check out so if you have any please let me know. I will give you the album code to send them to. Thanks!

My Husband to be...

My Husband!!!
Eeee! Cant wait for more!

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