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L+B At the Beach
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lindsey is having a...

My best friend Lindsey Goodman and Austin found out what they are having!!!  They had an afternoon appointment so I was bummed I couldn't be there but I asked Lindsey if she would surprise me! Being the fabulous friend she is and knowing me so well she said she would put a little something together to surprise me when I arrived at the house after work. Haha! When I came in she told me to find three balloons somewhere in the house...I walked around for a minute or two and went in to Lisa and Hanks bedroom. I could see a big bump in Tommy's crib (Lindsey's nephew) I lifted up the blanket and up flew three balloons...they were
with baby
written all over them!! Yaaaaayyyyy!
So exciting!
She had bought molds to make chocolate pretzel sticks and dipped Oreos so her and Lisa could share with everyone at work. We spent the evening making those and of course checking out the ultra sound photos...sooo amazing. We giggled at the thought that we are already making fun stuff, the fun has only just begun!! Love you friend :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

99 Cent Store Super Deals!

It's been awhile since I have posted a 99 cent store purchase! But I have to admit this was one of my

1. Digiorno Garlic Bread Pizza
2. Suddenly Pasta Salad
3. Fiber One: Oats and Peanut Butter Bars
4.Kraft: Jalapeno String Cheese
5. Philadelphia Cooking Cream Cheese
6. Tribe Origins Hummus
7. Dove Burst Conditioner
8. Sally Hansen Color Quick

I also picked up two Black T-Shirts, I made one into this... :)

and I plan to make a fun one for Zumba class!! :)

That was a two pound bag of grapes! The bag in the middle was a variety of small potatoes (it even had purple potatoes), the Yogurts were really good with the granola and I eat the Jif peanut butters with celery which is the perfect snack!!

If I haven't convinced you in my last posts I hope I have now!

Shop 99 Cent Only Stores!!!
*Check on the days they get deliveries/stock the shelves
*Always check expiration dates
*I usually only buy brands that I am familiar with.
*Don't give up if you don't find something the first time you go. Sometimes I leave bummed but more often than not I am calling someone on the way home super excited about me deals!! :)

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Last Week Madness

Last Thursday night Brian came home with roses, a six pack of beer, and mozzarella sticks that he called "my get in a good mood food" (it's not chocolate for me)!!!
Then on Friday I had a parent hand me a bag at the end of the day...
It was filled with a loofah, bath salts, and lotion.
Both were super sweet and thoughtful! But it got me thinking...maybe I was a little too expressive as to how my week was going ;) haha! This week went by quickly and has been going really well. I think the kids are starting to get our classroom routines and expectations down!! Yay!