L+B At the Beach

L+B At the Beach
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Sunday, March 28, 2010

200 Days Until Our Big Day!

200 Days!! It seems some what far away...
but when you put this number on it...
6 months...
Time is really flying by:
I am going to graduate in 7 weeks
Work ends in 9 weeks
Oh where, oh where is the time going?

Wedding Stuff:

1. Ordered my dress!! WooHoo!
I was told I would get it in July!! Maybe a little birthday present :)
2. Waiting for the bridesmaid dresses I won!
I have not had much communication with Ariane (the designer lady) but was told they should be her in 6-8 weeks. Which means the deadline is April 7th
3. Awaitng on engagement pictures!
Should get them by the middle of the week, very excited! By the way here is the Sneak Peek!

We took so many more...I am very excited to see the rest!

4. Once I get the pictures we will need to make our Save the Dates!!
5. Still need to find a DJ!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

We went to a fabulous park...Still Spring Break!

Kristin had her annual kick ball party here (which we were unable to attend this year) however; she brought me to this beautiful place! Its one of those parks that you can lay at for hours. Just laying there you see all the green grass and pretty trees but if you look in the distance you are able to see downtown and the ocean! We ate cheese and crackers and drank mimosas! You cant just do that anywhere, but you can here, and we did!! We also watched other peoples dogs run around!

Which made me want one even more. Ok... so I haven't told many but I think we want a dog. Ahh, Im currently half and half. Of course we want a cute little somebody to come home to but we also like to stay away from home quite often and are not always home. I should just say us getting a puppy is in our thoughts :) I will keep you updated on this one.

Back to the was great! Here are few other things we did! :)

Oh how I love Kristin and San Diego!
Side Note: Wished that my Main Man was there!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our Winery Visit! Amazing!

I want every person I know to experience a winery with me!

Yes... I would absolutely love to get married here with all my fabulous friends and family!! October is when they are in full bloom...
grapes just dangling in the sunshine!

We took a picture at each winery (x5). I have the self timer that takes three pictures every 10 seconds and we took advantage of it!! :) Unfortunately I couldn't post every single picture but here are a few....Tah Dah!

Side note: Probably one of my most favorite days was so different than anything else that I have done. It was beautiful...I was with my main man and a fabulous friend! What else could you ask for!?!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break 2010 Part 2 1/2

We drove into the best place ever (San Diego) around 2:00 ish and had a quick bite to eat. Kristin was not off work yet so we made our way to the beach and took a few pictures! We took our own engagement photos :) I have to tell you that he is getting so wonderful with me snapping away…(wait til you see the winery visit-we took 150 pictures!). I don’t want to forget this fabulous stuff! Kristin met up with us and we hung out at PB Shore Club to see the sunset!

Spring Break 2010 Part 2

We woke up early the next morning and jumped on the freeway and head to Glamis, the sand dunes. It was very relaxing and sandy. The Ehly’s have a rhino so that’s what us ladies took out. Brian and I went on a quad ride but sometimes they can be a little intimidating. They are a little more powerful than some may think. For the most part we just chit chatted, ate, and watched the kids zoom around on the quads. They have more confidence on those things than I do! Thanks again to the Hubbell’s for letting us enjoy the trailer stay!
Each time we go out we want to purchase a little something…
We were thinking we could register for a rhino and/or trailer…what do you think?!?! Haha!

We took a trip to the drags, view from the other truck!

Cherie, Me, Heather, Carlee, and Molly...a little ladies ride!

Cherie tearing it up!

I also want one of these someday! I compare them to a roller coaster...Lindsey remember that ride...I do and that's what makes me want (to drive in) one!! ;)

San Diego...Here we come!! Can you see the sand on the dashboard :) To more sand we go...

Spring Break 2010 Day 1

This year Brian was able to celebrate Spring Break with me for quite a few days and we really enjoyed ourselves...with the company of many others! We started right away with a wedding on Friday night, a friend of Brian’s from softball. Music, dancing, and great people (ok and maybe a few photo props) equals a great time! I have to admit, we were also able to get some insight/ideas on what we want our wedding to be like. :)

A few props! :)
Table 8&9!
The softball boys
Brent is a hoot of a time!
Brent, Derek, Brian
Brian and JD-the groom
Who wouldn't want to hang out with these two...they were too much fun!

Spring Break 2010 Comes To An End!

Yikes! I do not know where to start…
Well I want to tell you about Spring Break 2010
the wedding we went to
the Glamis (dunes) trip
and of course

San Diego (lots to share here!!)

I will tell all slowly but surely.
But what I would like to begin with is…
My mom and I went into Tiedemann’s Family Thrift in Tempe, Awesome!
This is my new favorite store”!! Mom said it a few times in the store and each time I agreed!

Here are a few of my buys…

Yes this is a close up of my tisket a tasket a black and yellow basket! I love it

I bought 14 things for $42.52 and I do not regret anything!

Sometimes I do that ;)

Ooh...I also found some wedding items at Goodwill

These little bottles are going to be used for the centerpieces. This is my Inspiration

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Color Inspirations

Dark Purple, Aubergine, Eggplant
Dark Charcoal
A neat green similar to this...just a few touches here and there to make it "pop"!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I have to admit I am jealous...

This is the first time that I have watched the entire Bachelor show. I think it is a little silly at times but you also want to keep watching. I know I have an amazing man and we do fun things together...however...that show will make any happy woman jealous! No Brian and I have not: rolled around in the sand making out (maybe on our honeymoon, hehe), been on beautiful boat drinking and making out :) and we have not been to an amusement park that was reserved just for us!

Ok so I am going on two rampages here! The first saying that the show is cute and all but come on, they live a little too much in a fantasy world. (Just my opinion)

Second and my initial jealous factor...I watched "some" of the Bachelor Wedding with Jason and Holly and the one and only Gavin Degraw sang at their wedding!! I called Jessica immediately! We went to his concert years ago and were in love and then actually brought him back this year as I found the CD and played it as we were getting my classroom ready. Basically I wanted to share that if Gavin was going to play at my wedding I would love for him to play... (this is the best link I could find)

That's it, that's my complaint! :)

Monday, March 8, 2010


Rachel just posted these pictures...I love them and wanted to share!
Ooh! I am so mad!! Iz doing some laundry! :)

Love her!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend Update

Although we had a very busy week, our weekend turned out to be pretty relaxing! Friday we had Brian's family and my mom over for dinner! I have to say it went well and was quite delicious! :) Saturday we woke up (early) thinking we were going to take our engagement pictures however the crazy Arizona rain prevented this. It was a little too gloomy for Lindsey to take the pictures she would have liked so we rescheduled it for Thursday! They will be taken!!
We met with a DJ today and he was really impressive! We just need to figure out how to work him into the budget. Great quality=$Dollar $Dollar Bills :)

I received a package, it was my first misc. wedding purchase! I now have 100 of these cute keys! Not sure how they will be used yet but really like them!!
Ooh I forgot to share this purchase...from Hobby Lobby! Again do not know exactly how I will use it but it will be used some how!

We have another busy week ahead of us...especially the weekend which leads us into Spring Break!!