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L+B At the Beach
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Eventful Weekend

A little late on this post...

Saturday I went hiking with the ladies, it was our first Hiking Adventure! (Next Saturday...Papago!) We couldn't find the perfect trail so we decided to go UP haha! Kristian did a fabulous job, her one worry was “falling and rolling down the mountain"! We got to the top and chit chatted for awhile which was quite delightful. We hit up The Farm afterwards to get a bite to eat! A very neat place.

Sunday, Brian and I decided to finally go play tennis (we registered for rackets and balls...thanks Jake and Rachel) and it was so much fun plus quite the workout! The courts are approximately 40 yards from our house! After playing for awhile we brought Fiona in for a bit…it was hilarious!

I am using my old camera as my new one is back at Best Buy, errrr! But it has the best feature ever! It takes three pictures in a row (10 second intervals) and it comes in handy way too often and I have to admit that I may abuse this option, oops! ;)
Anywhere and everywhere... we (me) are ready to take pictures!

I love this one!

Brian said it looks like we took a picture of her, turned it, and placed it in the pic! :)

Oh...soooo tired and thirsty!

Looking forward to another great weekend…

But they make me not want to work during the week!


  1. I have LOVED, LOVED, LOVED our past 2 weekends!!!!!
    I'll have to come over and try out some tennis with yo Lo and see how my coordination skills are. Haha! Should be a good laugh. :-)
    Loves! Kristian

  2. Jump Fiona, Jump.