L+B At the Beach

L+B At the Beach
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Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Big Surprise From Bri!

This happened awhile ago but I had forgotten to post...
I heard a new song from Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock called Collide and then I heard that they are coming to AZ! I was obviously super excited ;) 
Not sure how the convo started but I said to Brian...
L: So one of my all time favorite singers ever is coming to town...
B: I know
L: Oh really...what do you mean you know! (Usually I have to inform him of these types of things)
B: Ya I know she is coming August 5th
L: What?! Oh ok (thought I would bust his balls) with who??
B: Kid Rock (shoot he got me)
L: How do you know all this information Mr.???
B: Because I bought you tickets!!!
L: Eeeeeee! (Still in shock) Really?!
B: (with his cute side smile) Yes!
I Love him!
Cant wait to go...please feel free to get tickets and join us!! ;)
Last time I saw her was at the State Fair with Mom, Kristian, Kelley, Cathy and Gail!! :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pot ReDo

My mom tried to get rid of this...
She said nothing would stay living in it (which scares me a bit because she sure has a green thumb and I have not perfected that skill quite yet ;) Any who, it wasn't looking so hot so while at Home Depot this weekend we picked up a very bright and lively lime green can of spray paint...

 and Wah Lah!
It looks nice and cheery now! Look at Miss Fiona Pearl, she is such a hoot!
I was hoping to put real flowers or some basil, cilantro, and mint but I think I am a little late on that idea.
So I thought I would take some fun fake flowers and stick them in there, that way there are no flower dying issues! I will be on the hunt for fakies :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Stuff/Projects

So far this is what has been completed...
Portland  see here
Diabetes Camp see here
Cleared out my email Inbox 600+emails and Junk Mail box!!!
(This is a big deal for me, i don't like deleting things for good)
Summer Fun Program: Coming Soon
San Diego: Coming Soon :)
Birthday Celebrations: Coming Soon :)
Deep Cleaning the Grout in Kitchen
(Oh boy this is gonna be a challenge,
I have currently completed 16 sq. ft. Yikes!
Organizing Drawers: Junk drawer, DONE Tupperware cabinet: DONE :) Under my Bathroom Sink: Done
Making Pasta: Coming Soon
Redo Living Room and Bedroom
(both have been worked on but not COMPLETED).

I asked Brian if we could paint a wall in our bedroom...he says yes! So I picked out a color and on Sat we went to Home Depot and made the purchase. Brian was in charge of taping off and I started to roll. I realize I am not really good at it (as he made really "kind" comments about the job I was doing)...
so I gave up!
Brian to the rescue says let me surprise you...
...he was up there for over two hours!
He ended up putting the room back together and it's not the best picture but here it is and what I plan to do with it. We have two 11x14 pictures that will be hung I just have to decide on what pictures and then I am using the cute little thing from our wedding to hang pictures down the middle of the wall. All I need is new sheets and pillows, hang the pictures, and I will be happy! I like the new color, it helps brighten up the room a little (hard to see in the photo taken in the evening ;)!
 (kinda like this but against the wall)
So far so good! But more to come...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oh geez!

 How will I blog appropriately without a camera!! While at diabetes camp at Watson Lake (in a canoe) the camera took a DIP!!! Aaaagh. It wasn't my fault although Brian would like to put the blame on me as it is easiest because another camera is lost! I have a track record, so cant blame him! Any who...Camp was amazing this year and as always, I am so glad I went!!
Here are a few pictures to share (from others)... ;)
Someone made this picture and it is true...
 I met these two girl in the meadow and they reminded me of Brienne and myself!
We met at camp when were 9!! She just had a baby and I cant wait to meet him!
This is us together the last time we hung out when she told me she was pregnant and it has been way too long!
 Me and Prop!! We got in trouble with these guns! :)
 This was the Tye Dye TAP Dance! I missed tye dye this year which made me extremely disappointed but I have the bestest friends who know how important it is to me and they made me the beautiful piece of work I am wearing! Thanks Prop ( for the tye dye... and the gun, hehe!!!)

Friday, June 3, 2011


Day One:
We arrived on Friday to gray skies and rain, not what we are used to. Iz was sitting in her chair eating when we arrived. She is the cutest niece I have ever had ;) We went to the Rhododendron Gardens which was very pretty. Flowers and plants and crazy ducks that kept dipping under the water as seen below ;) We went to Reed College where Jake works and it is an amazing campus! It started to rain pretty hard so I didn't get any pictures but it was beautiful! We also did what we did well all week long...
drank coffee and ate very tasty food!
Bottoms up, haha!

Day Two:
Farmers Market!!!
How I love them so! We had some biscuits and gravy, bought some veggies, bread, the best pesto ever and apples! Walked around down town, BBQed that night and then watched a movie together! It was a fantastic day!

 Isn't she lovely...Isn't she wonderful...

Day Three:
Malmouth Falls
It was beautiful! Once we got to the top part you could feel the spray of the fall, it was so green and crisp feeling!
Bonneville Dam Tour
Brian got super excited about the dam because he saw it on one of the shows on the History Channel!
Full Sail Brewery Tour
Our tour guide Randy was awesome and was so passionate about his job. It is a neat little brewery and very good beer! We ate some beer cheese soup and I NEED to find the recipe, it was delicious!!!
 Lots of beer!
This is my favorite from Full Sail! :)

Day Four:
Tillamook Cheese Tour:
I was in heaven! The factory was not working because it was Memorial Day but they still had the sample area open ;) I purchased these delicious things...
They are called 'Squeeky Cheese'!

Seaside, OR
 The Hay Stack
Just so you know:
Haystack Rock is a 235-foot tall sea stack/rock formation on the Oregon coast the third-tallest such "intertidal" (meaning it can be reached by land) structure in the world.
 Doesn't this look like a painting or postcard!?
 Looking Goood!!
 I like to call this her "cheese ball" face!

 That's what I have so far...more to come!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Time!

A fabulous school year has come to an end! I cant believe how quickly it went but I have to tell you it was the best year I have had so far!! I always have great kids and fabulous parents so I have feeling it was because I was completely done with school and the wedding planning was over real stressors! ;)
But I also have to say that this group of kids got along so well, we learned many wonderful things, we danced our afternoons away and we got really good at laughing away our grumpiness and tears! I hope they have a fantastic summer and have fun in first grade! Looking forward to another fabulous year!

We had a little cake to celebrate all of their accomplishments!
 Inside the box is a collection of their work throughout the year! Its so funny to see the writing and drawing they do on the very first day of school and the last! I also love looking through their journals, the development in their writing skills is really something!
 We made these cute labels ( I hope you have a Cool summer!) and put them around the water bottle, attached a Hawaiian Punch drink mixer and a straw. I think they are super cute and you could do this for any occasion!

Summer vacation here you are! You came way too fast but I am ready to
accomplish many things :)
We are going to start with Portland Yay!!!!
Diabetes Camp
Summer Fun Program
San Diego
Birthday Celebrations!
Organizing Closets
Making Pasta
Redoing Living Room and Bedroom
Deep Cleaning the Grout in Kitchen
(or rip up the floors and do wood...i don't know just a thought ;)
These are just a few...I will keep you updated on what I accomplish!