L+B At the Beach

L+B At the Beach
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I had to be picked up here...
 Which is a Circle K! As you can see the chain didn't just fall off (which was one of my worries) it broke! Brian was at an appointment so I called Kristian and she came to my rescue, thanks again my friend. I have to admit I was extremely bummed so I went up to WalMart to get a chain. It didn't work so we raced to Sports Authority and it was closed, Target no chain, Dicks closed, and back to WalMart! No good news!

I am hoping to get one tomorrow and be back on
my bicycling way :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bike Ride

I rode my bike to work today! It is approximately 4 miles and it took me 25 minutes. I took the canal and it was awesome! I haven’t rode a bike in quite awhile (well I have cruised in San Diego) so I was kinda nervous. But overall it was a very nice ride! Brian sent me off this morning and snapped a picture ;)
Looks like I am headed to my first day of school!, haha
The scariest part was crossing the road (the canal pops you out all over the main roads) a mustang was coming a little too hot and I couldn’t jump on the bike fast enough!! But other than that it was a beautiful morning…friendly people (this is gonna sound terrible but I got more hellos and good mornings from strangers on the canal than I do at work, grumpy old teachers…geez!!) I saw horses, I heard a rooster cock a doodling (the kids were excited to hear this) and I smelled the orange blossoms which remind me of my mom, she always talks about how much she loves the smell of them! :) So one day down many to go. I am trying to talk Kristian into leaving her car at my house and cruising with me!!
On my wish list: A bell and basket!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekly 99 Cent Only Store Shopping!

My first shout to the 99 Cent Only store can be read here
But i just had to share what I found this week and might keep showing you the deals I get until you start shopping there and saving yourself quite a bit of money!
I mean it...I seriously save a bunch!
 click on the picture it will make it bigger and easier for you to read :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break Part 2

Lydia, Jessica, Kristian and I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day together! (with some green beer)

Brian and I went to the Drive-In
We have been together before...years ago but it reminds me of my birthday when I was little! I am surprised we would go in July but it was so much fun! I highly recommend going…we grabbed some goodies and blankets and snuggled up to watch two movies for $6.50 (that’s a deal right there)! We saw Limitless (not too bad) and Just Go With It (cute love story, funny Adam Sandler parts).
It was a quick Spring Break...but needed and enjoyed! :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Break 2011 Part 1

I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed I wasn’t going to San Diego for Spring Break (it would be the first time in 6 years) and that means no beach, wineries, or Kristin hang time that we enjoyed last year! However, this year it's a thrifty style spring break and so far I have been enjoying! Like my mom always says, “If you do have fun it’s your own (damn) fault!” It sure is one to live by.
I started Monday off by doing absolutely nothing! It was nice but I got a little stir crazy and was waiting (impatiently) for Brian to come home! ;) He gets home and says I don’t know if I can leave you home alone like this. Hahaha! I did make dinner (after watching hours of cooking shows) and we ate out on the back patio. A very nice start of the week.

Kristian and I headed to Jessica and Kristen’s and we met up with two of her work friends Liz & Liz and did a little happy hour at Zipps! It was fun to be with new company as it started a lot of new and interesting conversation!

I headed to the bank to change my name on all my accounts! Unfortunately I still have the picture on there from who knows when. I am only complaining because people have looked at it and made comments. One kind woman said…”Oh hunny, you look much better in person, when was this taken?” She then says, “I bet you won’t come back to our restaurant after me saying something like that!” Yes you are right I haven’t returned! So obviously the picture is bad! But I am stuck with it! After that…
We headed to the new Spring Training field for the Diamondbacks and Rockies. The facility is huge and very pretty. We found a little trick for parking…you can park at the shops off Indian Bend (North side of the Pavilions) and then walk right behind the movie theater and tah dah there it is! We parked on the south side of Indian Bend and got on a trolley, I was giggling as the trolley crossed the street went behind the theater and there we were. Boy, it sure was a hot day! When I got home my legs were on fire and I had a funny looking tan but it was a nice afternoon!

So, half way through the break but looking forward to ending with some more fun! Eeee! Brian and I are going to have a Friday date night! Drive In Movie here we come!!! I am hoping we can get the chairs from the backyard in his car, cross your fingers for us!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Fiona's Birthday!

We celebrated Fiona Pearl’s birthday at the dog park!

A few of her friends were able to make it… ;)
Gus & Kristen, Hallie & Kristian, Me & Fiona, Eli & Jessica

She was so done after a hard day at play...
Once we got home this is where she was for most of the night!
She is such a hoot and has so much personality, we sure do lover her so much!! :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Our fabulous edition to the family will be turning the BIG 1 on March 13th! Never thought I would be this Dog Loving kind of girl but
oops I am! :) Love her!

I found this collar at the DollarTree!! Isn't flashy!! :)
(The actual dog bone tag was from Petsmart and was $15ish)
 Someone is trying to get this...
 ...out this door!! Hahaha!
Might be having a birthday party for Miss Fiona Pearl!
Can you make it?!?