L+B At the Beach

L+B At the Beach
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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jacob's Rock Band Party

Rachel had a Rock Band Party for Jacob's 29th birthday! We had a blast! The rock star came out of the Gora Girls and Brian and we took advantage of the photo opportunity! See below :)

My mom got this shirt for Isreal, too cute!

Brian, Jacob and Mark rocking out!

With a kick at the end of the song and all!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Things That Touch My Heart!

So there are no pictures for this post...just wonderful words! I felt like today was a fantastic day!

My little ones are beginning to get the hang of things and our days are going smooth. Sometimes there are kids in your classroom that touch your heart in a certain way and it is quite hard to explain... I left school today thinking... what a great day we had today... which ultimately left me leaving school with a "happy" heart!

I also just spoke with a mother of a seventeen year old diabetic child. She would like me to mentor her child. This child/almost adult was in my tent at Diabetes camp and is having difficulties managing her diabetes. At first I thought I am not the greatest diabetic in the can I help? But after talking to both the mother and daughter I realized that not only am I going to help her...I am positive that she will help me be a better diabetic as well! So I cant wait to meet up with her!

Well I cant stop there... :)

I tutored Reese over the summer and sent her a little homework calendar to reinforce concepts that my kindergartners are learning at this time. When she opened up the letter I wrote her she "read" what she thought I was writing to her. Most of what she "read" is what I think...for instance (in her words) "Dear Reese, I am so proud of are a great listener...I cant wait to see you soon...good job on all your work...I miss you...Love Miss Lauren! Jenny (mom) went on to say that she just continued to read these great things :) I love confidence in young children!

Basically there are days when I question what I do...but these wonderful LITTLE thoughts/occurrences are put back in my heart which make me remember and appreciate why I go to work everyday!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend...

Kelley and Mylie
Brian and Steve ready for a ride
Me and Keith (Kelley's dad)

We had a wonderful weekend! We rushed out of town on Friday to get out of the heat for a couple days. We got stuck in a little bit of traffic but made it there just in time for the fire. The weather was beautiful, a little bit of rain but we had lots of fun! Thanks to Keith for letting us shack up in his trailer!