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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Years 2011!

What a fantastic night this was! I have decided New Years is not New Years unless you have something planned! Two years ago we went to the hospital to meet Miss Mylie Jo, Steve and Kelley’s daughter who is just a little fabulous spark of life! I am hoping her 2nd birthday was fantastic! And to be honest I have no idea what we did last year for New Years!

For the last two years (maybe longer) I have really wanted to have a Casino Royale New Years party! Totally fancy style with sparkly dresses, men looking good in suits, poker tables, passed hors d'oeuvres, sparkling drinks, party hats and balloons on the floor; I hope you are envisioning what I am! But you know how stuff goes…it just has not happened yet! It will, I promise you that!

However; it did get somewhat close this year. Jenny decided to have a Thrift Store Formal and I was able to help plan the party! Jenny, Twyla and I went thrift store shopping one Sunday afternoon, I had exactly what I wanted in mind which is always bad because you never actually find it. I wanted something tacky and sparkly; instead I found a one piece jump suit that gave me a camel toe and a red throw over the shoulder kind of thing! We went the day of to find Brian's attire which was extremely amusing, what do ya know his gave him a man toe. That may have been too much information but it’s quite hilarious!

Overall it was the party to end the year and start the new one just right! Jenny thanks for letting us get down in your house, here are the pics to share what a night we had!!


Playing Left Right Center!! This game helped make the night a success!
BIG Winners!

And more Fun!

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  1. Love this post! It was a great party, definitley one that I'll always remember. :-)