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L+B At the Beach
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Has brought us some of the most
exciting things that can happen in your life!
Click below on each
it will bring you to each of them (in detail)!!

We bought Our First Home (well it was kinda 09)!

I received my Masters degree!

We got our first puppy dog
The one and only Miss Fiona Pearl!

This is what we call LOVE (hugs and kisses)...puppy style!!
How would you not want to squeeze her?!?

We Got Married!
I almost don't want  to show any pictures because we have been in suspense for quite some time! And honestly no link as of now has done the whole scoop so I guess I am going to keep you in suspense and make you check back soon! :)
Oh fine maybe just one...(or two) but you may have already seen these!

 Eeee! No one has seen this one yet!
Friends if you are checking....
You look Amazing!
I know we have many more (cant wait to see them)!
Oh the purple is something...and the flowers!! Love!
Oh there are many more things I can catch you up on
such as the Honeymoon
but I just don't feel right jumping ahead
of the wedding! So stay tuned!

There were many wonderful events in 2010
that have brought us much joy!
But as anyone knows we have been through some times
that have surely made our relationship stronger!
Here is to 2011!


  1. can't still be waiting on those pictures??? Really? I sure hope 2011 brings an little babe to the West Family! Miss you!

    ~ Amy

  2. Friend I am so proud of all the successess you had in 2010. They were all BIG ones. Loves!!!