L+B At the Beach

L+B At the Beach
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh What A Successful Day!!

Today a few things were checked off and we are feeling good! We met at San Marcos today at 4:30 to check linen color and taste the food. The table color is beautiful (don't think it was the color I originally picked but oh well it looked awesome)! We also picked the style of napkins we would like. Most importantly we tried the food and it sure was delicious!! They ended the tasting with two very tempting desserts so we finished on a sweet note! :) We went over many more details which was nice, each day I feel like I am accomplishing things!
From there we headed to Men's Warehouse and picked out the guys/boys attire!! They sure are gonna look good!!
Oh and the flower girl shoes are set but they are going to be a surprise for them, so I cant share on here! They will be super cute on my little flower girl beauties!!

Oh and I will probably be checking the mailbox everyday now that the invites are out :) I have already received two, woo hoo!

Well I always love to have a picture with a post and since I do not have one for this one I thought I would share a few of Fiona!

It was $2 at Target she only wore it for 5 minutes...she was posing! :)
A little Summer Fun in her pool!
Look at her tongue and the way she is looking at Age...too cute!

We were cruising to the Vet!! Hehe she really likes riding in the car now!
She is starting to really look like A Bull Dog! Her face is turning as she is growing up. She is so playful (slightly aggressive , but with all most friendly intentions)! She has had a few playdates and she is quite "friendly" again likes to play (bite legs and chase all around) and I feel like an embarrassed mom that has to tell her kid to get it together! It is so funny, but here is my excuse...she is still a puppy!! :)

Oooh my next post will be the 100th!! Guess who will be guest posting on Lauren and Brian Time! Well if you are not certain you better check back soon!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

They Are in the Mail!!

Woo Wee! Time is flying! We are under two months and we are checking things off but little things continue to be added to the list. A few updates:

The biggest check(drum roll please)

Invitations Have Been Sent!!

I love them and I love my friends and family for helping put the masterpieces together! Thank you, thank you!! We had an awesome assembly line going and accomplished everything! I have to say they came out exactly as I wanted them to!

Brian finalized the Honeymoon plans! I will come back to this soon…

Wedding Weekend was a success! Ran around town with mom on Saturday and found a pair of shoes but not too sure about them anymore. Also found the flower girl shoes (I think). I did find earrings and as of now I am definitely keeping them. So it seemed successful as I bought things in excitement but we will have to see.

On Sunday Brian and I also ran around town and I bought his Wedding Ring!! It was so neat to see it on his finger, it kind of made me feel giddy inside and I know for certain Brian felt the same way. You should have seen the grin on his face and they way he was kind of moving his hand around. It was too cute!! Brian also made a bench for the inside of the house that will match the entry way table (that he also built…he is turning into quite the carpenter) and one for the backyard which I plan on painting a fun color!

Food Tasting and Linen check is scheduled for Wednesday!

I will be getting my hair done, doing a hair trial and getting dress alterations this coming Saturday! It will be quite the beauty day!

And my Bridal Shower is on Sunday. I can’t wait to enjoy the day with family and friends. It is going to be so much fun!

Eeee! Big things happening and more to come!! 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A little Iz time...

Here are a few pictures of Isreal! She is a beauty! Jacob, Rachel and Iz went to Hood River and picked Cherries and Lavender!! Look at these amazing pictures :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

One Check

We went and looked at wedding bands on Saturday and I found the one I wanted which matches my ring perfectly! It gives it an extra pretty sparkle :) Brian may have also found the one he wants as well. They don't really carry rings in our they ordered his size in the ring we liked and when he can try it on properly he will decide if it is a go! I will update soon. Here is what mine will look like together...
I Love It!!

I should have more checks coming soon!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I completed 18 holes of golf today for the first time!! We have done night golf twice but they have only been 9 holes and not as intense. Today we put on our game face and we went with Lindsey, Austin, her dad and his friend and really enjoyed ourselves. Guess what our tee time was…6:00am!! But I am so glad we did because it started to get HOT!! I want to thank the guys for being so patient and they were both very helpful and encouraging!

Lindsey and I had a discussion not too long ago about not really having a hobby :( I thought about it and said well currently the wedding has been my so called “hobby”. But I think we found one and I am extra excited that we can do it together as friends and with the boys! This is pretty much the best win win hobby you can have!! So overall…I felt good (at times) playing today. Sometimes you swing and it feels and looks awesome and you think your hot shit for a second and then you swing and miss and a word comes out of your mouth! I worked on my swing and what clubs I like playing with best. Next round I would like to focus on direction and accuracy with putting. I sound as if I already have it down…NO…just making goals here! :) Oh and I need clubs so we can also say this will probably be one of those expensive hobbies! Are there any hobbies that do not cost anything? If you say running…you are right but no thank you! Ooh I forgot to mention that once it cools down we will also take up tennis since we have the court right next door to the house!! Cant believe we did not bring the camera but since every post needs a picture here are some from our last night golf extravaganzas

Friday, August 6, 2010


We just finalized our cake last week!
I should actually say Brian finalized the cake! I have never seen this man so decisive…EVER!! I should have known that I couldn’t get in the way of my man and his ice cream cake! I mean he tasted one… tasted the other and decision made! For a minute I thought Geez… Bri, enjoy the bite! :) I am so glad that he did though, because if it were up to me I would have had to make another appointment and bring someone else with me to make my decision.
So here is the CAKE rundown!!

Our “show” cake will be enough to feed 50 and the top (we will take this one home)
and middle layer will be White Cake with Chocolate Ganache, Mmmm!

The bottom layer will be Red Velvet with Cream Cheese filling, Mmmm!
Last but definitely not least…the sheet cakes will be the ICE CREAM cake!!! One will be mint chocolate chip with chocolate cake and the other will be Pink Champagne with Strawberry ice cream! The cake we will cut will also be the mint chocolate chip with chocolate cake, Bri’s favorite!! Yay! Yummy cake variety...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bachelorette Party Vacation Day 3

We beached it on Saturday! My main ladies on the beach!
And you know these would be coming...
Notice the tattoos from the night before! Guess what I had on my chest when I got home...
A really weird looking tan, hehe!!
Do you also notice the coolest hat ever!
My mom made it for me and I loved it and wore it around San Diego!
It has a little Bride Bling on the front and the veil piece on the back!!
Then another night on the town! We met a Bachelor while at a Happy Hour/early dinner and he gave me my fabulous necklace!  ;) 
As the night went on...we ended up at The PB Shore Club...
One of our favorite end of the night spots! However this was an unusual night! We walk into the bar and a minute or so later Free Beer was being handed out and it was being sprayed all over the bar! I guess a football player was leaving the San Diego team so they were literally getting crazy! I have never seen anything like this but we of course enjoyed it all!!
(see my hair/Lyd grabbing a beer!)
(Madness/Linds having a blast!!)
Look at my hair now!!!

To My Dearest Friends,
Thank you for such an unforgettable time, this has been one of our most fun and memorable adventures! I really dont know what I would do without ya!!
You keep me kicking, laughing, smiling and loving! I Love You and love that you are a part of my life! Til next next year! It's already planned! You better RSVP...haha! Jessica thinks I will be knocked up but I will do what I can :) hehe

Still waiting on the pictures that ended the night but this was the theme of Saturday Night!! :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Bachelorette Party Day 2

We went shopping (recovered, hehe) all day and then got ready to hit the town Bachelorette style! I found my dress for $10!! It was perfect for the night! We of course made a stop here!
We stopped at a pizza place that we will probably never return to. It was miserable...from the server to the SMELL!! Lindsey ordered this beer and this is what they thought of it...also horrible!! We turned it around real quick and left there and enjoyed some sangria on the roof of the firehouse.

We then headed to the hotel to get ready for a night out!! It was such a blast...
My favorite picture! My friends+the beach=beautiful!

Sweet Tea Vodka...the latest and GREATEST!!! Very tasty!

This pic is from one of the dare cards and a girl in the bathroom said:

Girl: I'm taking this out, I don't care what your friends say
Me: Well its just one of those fun games where...
Girl: (interrupts) I don't care girl! I am helping you out, its ugly and I am taking it out! {Throws it in the trash}
Haha, who does that?! Thanks Jess I loved it!

This is what happened to my dress...Jessica and I ended the night with a dip in the ocean. I may have gotten a little push ;) but what a good friend she is holding on to my pump for dear life, hehe!

Saturday still to come...