L+B At the Beach

L+B At the Beach
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bachelorette Party Vacation Day 3

We beached it on Saturday! My main ladies on the beach!
And you know these would be coming...
Notice the tattoos from the night before! Guess what I had on my chest when I got home...
A really weird looking tan, hehe!!
Do you also notice the coolest hat ever!
My mom made it for me and I loved it and wore it around San Diego!
It has a little Bride Bling on the front and the veil piece on the back!!
Then another night on the town! We met a Bachelor while at a Happy Hour/early dinner and he gave me my fabulous necklace!  ;) 
As the night went on...we ended up at The PB Shore Club...
One of our favorite end of the night spots! However this was an unusual night! We walk into the bar and a minute or so later Free Beer was being handed out and it was being sprayed all over the bar! I guess a football player was leaving the San Diego team so they were literally getting crazy! I have never seen anything like this but we of course enjoyed it all!!
(see my hair/Lyd grabbing a beer!)
(Madness/Linds having a blast!!)
Look at my hair now!!!

To My Dearest Friends,
Thank you for such an unforgettable time, this has been one of our most fun and memorable adventures! I really dont know what I would do without ya!!
You keep me kicking, laughing, smiling and loving! I Love You and love that you are a part of my life! Til next next year! It's already planned! You better RSVP...haha! Jessica thinks I will be knocked up but I will do what I can :) hehe

Still waiting on the pictures that ended the night but this was the theme of Saturday Night!! :)

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