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Friday, January 21, 2011

A Beautiful Painting!

I believe it was about a year and half ago or so my dearest friend Kristin Humphrey displayed her art work at Solo Café in Tempe! I was able make it to her showing and there was one piece of hers that I just loved!!!

A Little Info about the Artist:

She really is a person you just want to be around! She has gone on dates with Brian and I, she spent a wonderful weekend with my most fabulous friends and sister in San Diego (see here and here), she brought us to Temecula to tour the vineyards and drink some wine (which I will never forget), and to top it off her mother married Brian and I. She is pretty spectacular!

I met with Kristin over my holiday break. It was for approximately an hour and a half but it was all we needed! We sat in Casa de Humphrey’s (Kristin I forgot what you called it, hope its close) Hot Tub chit chatting and catching up. She did try to convince me to drive back to San Diego with her. Two years ago I would have said yes in a minute, no questions asked or things to think about. However; my first thought was I have to check with Brian but he is camping, which leads to what about Fiona, and oh did I get paid this week. Isn’t that something how life begins to change? I kind of wish I was still serving, making quick money, enjoying my own schedule and gallivanting around town with Brian!
But back to reality…I had to say No, blah!
As she was still trying to kidnap me she gave me something very special…

Wow! OoohLaLa! Amazing! The colors are out of this world!
and said Merry Christmas!
I am not sure she really knew how excited I was and how heartfelt her gift was. She is very talented and I feel honored to hang her art work in our home! She doesn’t know it yet but I will repay her somehow!

Thank You Kristin!
Check out her other awesomeness here… Cirello Gallery

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  1. very talented, funny, and a beautiful woman. I am glad that I have the pleasure of knowing her. Libby