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L+B At the Beach
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mini Bacelorette Party Day 1

WARNING: I will admit now that this ( and the ones that state" bachelorette") are not one of my  most appropriate posts but oh well...

My mini San Diego vacation was actually a Mini Bachelorette Party!! Woohoo! And one of the greatest trips ever! It was one of those that you think back about and start giggling! A few quotes from those who returned ;) Age: “Literally had the best time of my life this weekend!” and Lydia: “Home after a fantastic party weekend in Cali. It will definitely go down in girlfriend history!” We all had an amazing time! I don’t really know where to start so I will show pics and comment on them!

He he! This is how we started out the trip! I LOVE my main man!!

Thursday Day...when we arrived to one of my favorite places...
San Diego
With the bestest friends a girl could ever ask for (love you guys)!

Heading in to the room at Beach Cottages. Usually I just bunk up with Kristin...but would stay there again in a heart beat!
Then we headed to this...wonderfulness! :)

We freshened up and headed out to Moon Doggies
Us at Moon Doggies having a good time!

And we will end the night with this as a preview for tomorrow. Can you guess what happened to my dress?!?! Ha ha...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Back from Vaca/Wedding Updates

I just returned from one of the best weekends ever with my amazing friends! Can’t wait to share “some” of the highlights ;) but must compile the 1000 or more pictures we took on the cameras!

Here are a few updates on wedding stuff:

We finally registered! I have know idea why this was such a hard thing for me. We went to Macy’s and spent an hour and a half there and are grand total was 11 things! Aagh! It is so difficult to pick things out on the spot. Then we went to Target and clicked a few more things but then the question was do we register for that here or there (Macy’s). So although it was slightly frustrating its somewhat done… (still have to add a few things here and there) CHECK!

"I just want to get some good pillows"

We had a quick scare…
We found out our wedding coordinator was let go!!! We were told someone else would take over so (I did a quick freak out) we put together a list of all our questions and the things that needed to be clarified and met with Nunie who would now be working with us.
I am not going to lie I was really worried.
But it went extremely well!!
He was fantastic and made us feel so comfortable. We made appointments for things like the linen colors, food tasting and cake tasting. He said I will check into this and check into that and we will make it all work, what ever we wanted he would make it happen. So in the end I am so happy and thankful for the switch!

The next big thing he just confirmed for us was that In Pockets where we will be getting our cake CAN make us an ice cream cake!! Brian will be one happy groom! That was one request he had on his very short request list! Yay!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

80's Party

We had a fantastic time at Aaron's 30th Birthday party...
80's style! 
My inspiration was Madonna, thanks to Adriane's dress! The party was in their garage, with the most amazing bar set up I have seen! A full bar, kegerator, fridge, microwave, flat screen TV, and furniture. We sure were WOWed and Julie's decorations were great! She had old vhs tapes with movie quotes attached, fun candy like Pop Rocks, and old movie posters everywhere. I wish I had taken more pictures of all the little stuff. It was very well done! Oh and the costumes!
Well this should give you a good idea...

Saturday, July 17, 2010


I previously posted about these bottles I found...

40 of them for $3.50...what a steal! So half of them are being used for my aisle way decorations
and then I would really like to use the rest for this...

I have been eyeing this for quite sometime and I just LOVE it! Not sure how it will work but I will figure it out/make it work!

I also want to incorporate these keys that I purchased...they are three times bigger than I thought they were going to be ( I don't want to complain :) but the colors are very different, a few of them have a white/green wash to them, kinda strange, I will have take a pic to show the difference)!! Oops, I ordered three sets. So I was thinking I could use them at the tables or do something like this:

with the hanging flower bottles! Inspiration it is, not sure what will come of it...stay posted :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Miss Gora is Still in Action!

I signed my contract today!! Yay!
I will have another group of little ones that I will mold to be (what I want them to be, hehe) the best they can be!! A long sigh of relief after the roller coaster that this no job journey has put me/us/everyone that loves me  through! Who is ready for another year of Miss Gora!?! Regardless you better get ready, hehe!! ;)
So the question that has been asked of me is...
Will I change my name?
Well Yes I will be Mrs. West...
cant wait!!  :)
I will just have to get used to hearing and responding to both!

I have been meaning to post this for awhile...
Foot Bling by Libby!
My mom makes the cutest foot jewelry! They are super cute and fun! If you want one or lots contact her! She will be making a white one similar to the one on the left for me to wear on my honeymoon! She sold a ton on the last cruise she was on and left a few to be sold at a little shop/boutique in California! Yay Mom! Buy a few my friends!!!! :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Today I thought I was ready to print my invitations...but I wasn't!! I double double check everything and I needed Bri and mom to be (responsible, hehe) my triple checkers! :) Now they are ready to go! I will print them, I will!! So in the mean time I did not know what to do ;) so I decided to make these...

As I have said before I check wedding blogs/project wedding all the the gives me inspiration (well it really gives me too many damn ideas that my mind is always going)! But it seems that people make these all the time and I had all the supplies...well I did pick up the tissues at DollarTree! Just in case you want to cry at the wedding...don't worry I got you covered! :) They are kinda silly but cute at the same time and easy to make so I made them. Not needed but **check** it off the list I just put it on! :)

P.S. I just found out that I can listen to the radio on iTunes and I really love it! I particular like All Classic Hits (181.FM) All Classic Hits of the 60's & 70's. Sometimes they play back to back awesome jams and occasionally I have to mute it because I may not be a fan of the song. Overall I recommend it! Since I have listened to this station I have added quite a few songs to the Wedding Day Playlist and one I am locking down right now will be the second to the last song! Not sure of the very last but this will be second to...the so called END...darn...I don't want it to end already! SideNote: What does this song remind you of...???

Friday, July 9, 2010

My mom bought me a few lock and keys on her latest adventures and they are perfect for what we want them for! :) Thanks mom and what good finds, you sure do have a good eye!!

We also found these bottles at a thrift store…
40 of them for $3.50!!!
I love the half off days! They will be used to decorate the aisle way!!
P.S. the flowers are purple and the pictures don't really do them justice! ;) 

I am having a hard time finding my inspiration picture...I guess I did not save it, darn!
But this should give you an idea...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


The 100 day count down is on!

A few things that have been completed

1. We now have our amazing officiant booked!

2. The girls all have their dresses and shoes…I love them! Now just need to figure out jewelry

3. Yay Flags

4. Cards for the Love Box-these are the ones people will fill out for us

5. Favors are almost complete…finishing up putting on ribbon and adding the tag

And a big list of need to finish…

1. Honeymoon, thought we had it but boy it is a tough decision. There are thousands of beautiful places…decisions, decisions!

2. Register…aagh don’t know why this stresses me out!

3. Wedding Bands

4. Complete invites

5. Flower girl shoes

6. My jewelry and shoes

7. Food (will do two months out)

8. Cake (will do two months out)

9. A few other things but keeping something a surprise…I will tell no one ;)

10. Figure out whether Miss Fiona can be in the wedding, hehe just kidding!

11. There is a ton more but it’s a bunch of the little things...

Well I just overwhelmed myself...
 in a good way!
 Better get to work…

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Brian!!

“All I want for my birthday is a nap! :)

Oh how I love you so!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Invitations Are In the Works

But you aint' seen nothing yet!
They are in the very beginning stages. I have known what I wanted them to look like for sometime now but just finished up the details/wording for the inside. I searched and searched to find something I liked to purchase but nothing really rang “Ya that’s the one for us”! So I am making them and they ring beautifully. Here is a run down of supplies I needed and purchased for the project:

Purple Cardstock: Hobby Lobby- 100 sheets 50% off=$15.00

Aged Cardstock: Paper Plus-250sheets=$14.95

Big envelopes: Paper Plus-250 sheets=$21.95

Small envelopes: Paper Plus-250 sheets=$11.66

Ribbon: Michael’s- 2 for $3.00=$9.00

Misc= Glue, stamps, (got both when 50% off) and printer ink (refilled for a bit cheaper)

So as of right now under $100.00 can’t beat that! Oh and the extra paper and envelopes will be used for Thank you cards! It’s the postage that will tack on an extra few.
I folded the card stock yesterday and Brian cut the ribbon!
It has begun... and I am very excited for the end result!