L+B At the Beach

L+B At the Beach
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Yes! I would have loved to have been married to Mr. Brian West on this day!

However it is a Sunday...
I wanted to make sure everyone was able to enjoy the evening and not worry about going to work! Hehe!
I love these (numbered) kind of days
7.7.7 We headed to Laughlin to win some big bucks! Sure we did!!!
8.8.8 Not much just started teaching my second year....I was kinda serious then!
9.9.9. I thought this is the day Bri was going to propose (usually I can figure this guy out ;)... but it was not (10.17.09) but I do remember walking to the mailbox together (thought maybe it was going to be in there *shrug* you never know with Bri) and then we went to dinner at Roy's a very yummy place!

But 10.10.10 will be the Calm Before the Storm!! Haha!
So...Guess whats happening on this day...
Mr. Jack Johnson will be gracing us with his presence at Cricket Pavilion and I am super excited!!! Eeeee! Who is coming! Oooh I cant wait to be on the lawn listening to my (totally) second "main man" (don't worry he knows) jam out!! Hurry Hurry get your tickets! We will tailgate prior: grilling up something and beer! Be there or be square!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Look What I Bought...

Who buys forks?? ME!
 I got them yesterday and LOVE them!

I feel that is all I have been doing lately but oh well its fun and

its for the wedding ;)

Ooh I cant forget these...

They are the best cups (well they could be a bit larger)! I searched around town at different Starbucks for their new plastic ones but they are all out everywhere! They said they only get two shipments a year and they have already gotten both. She did fill me in and say they may get some around Christmas time. I didn't want to wait that long... So yesterday right at the entrance of Costco I found these! The one above comes in a three pack. They seem to be a big hit, the guy at the register said they have been going fast and the the lady at the door said she bought two sets! So get em while they are hot!! The pack of three was just under ten bucks :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

We found our DJ!!! He is going to be fabulous!

On another note:
If you were really waiting in suspense this long... :)
Here is what we will be doing with the wood my mom got us.

I haven’t decided which ones I will actually choose to make but these are a few of my inspirations!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fiona Pearl!

Fiona is now…

18.7lbs SOLID!!

Kinda getting the hang of the doggie door

Cutest puppy ever!!

Likes to give kisses/play bite!

Snores extremely loud and huffs and puffs all around the house!

Goes right to her castle when she sees me open the garage or grab my keys!! :)

Monday, June 21, 2010


Is the word we used when we went out to do some "wedding talk" and ended up at the place where I will become Mrs. West and he will officially have me forever and ever as his wife!
We started with some wine and snacks at the Kokopelli Winery and then went next door to...

It has a really neat patio (now...imagine it decorated!)

So guess where we might have our rehearsal dinner! (Just a maybe as of right now) The owner was really nice and gave us some info on having it there, it’s conveniently close!

After that we cruised to San Marcos and really walked all over the premises. We have seen it many times before but for some reason it was extra amazing! I think the evening part of it made it feel the way it did…or maybe because the day is soon approaching! Here are a few pics to give you an idea of how October 15th will look/feel (Magical)
You have to pretend that all the fun stuff and people are there ;) Enjoy!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to All!
This post is dedicated to my big brother Jacob! This is his very first Fathers Day! He has a beautiful and kind hearted wife and the most cutest, squeezable, amazing daughter in the world! He truly is a lucky man! I wish him a very happy and love felt day, wish you were here or we were there to celebrate and love you all!
This beauty has not been featured in awhile so here she is…in all her perfectness! ;)
(Right...Mom and Dad, hehe!)
Love you guys...looking for flights ;)

Happy Father's Day Dad...Love You!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Honeymoon Discussion

So we looked at this place and then this place, well that person said this and this review said that! We looked at each other and said really! Brian asked me what I wanted in a Honeymoon
So I started talking…
After I was done this is the list Brian provided me along with his input as well (in no particular order)!

• Nice rooms and amenities: usually rooms don’t matter too much to me because we are not really in the room that often, but this is a different story ;)

• Romantic (spa day, dinner on the beach) & Fun (fishing, scuba, water falls, horse back riding, sailboat, etc) Events/Opportunities

• Beautiful Beaches but I did say to Brian all beaches are beautiful (as long as I can jump and splash around taking pictures it is beautiful to me!)

• All Inclusive (drinks/food)

• Pretty Pools

• Adult/Couple only

• Romantic & Intimate balanced with Fun and Adventurous!

I never thought we would put this much time into it! Brian said “well think of it like our venue its our one stop shop. We have one place to pick and lets just hope we pick the right place”. We also discussed how we will be the ones to make it an unforgettable trip (the reviews at some places just worried me a bit) Overall we just want to be WOWed. So I think we have made a decision but I will keep you in suspense until we actually book it!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oh Boy!

My wedding list keeps growing and growing.
I keep thinking up and finding so many neat things I want to do/make! I realized I am a detailed oriented person. I notice the small stuff and there are so many small things that I want to do for the wedding and worried that others may not even notice them. But Brian and I talked about it the other night and I remembered/was reminded that this is our wedding and I will notice the “things” which will make it that much more special for us! I want to share some things but some I want to keep a surprise! One thing I have started on are these:

These cards will be at each table and throughout the night our guests can write messages for us. On some of the cards we will have sayings like: The Key to Happiness... The Key to Love... The Key to a Man's Heart...and some will be blank. At the end of the night we will lock it up along with a bottle of wine, two wine glasses and a special letter that each of us will write to one another. We will then open it on our first year anniversary! How fun, huh??!!


The box on the bottom is the one we will be using for this! The box on top I found at a thrift store for $3, not sure what I will do with it yet. And the box to the left will be the card box! This is what it will look like when open. I like the letter just don’t love them yet, might jazz them up a bit.

And these little things here are going to be our ring boxes!

So much more to come...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back From Camp

I’m back from camp and these are few of the things that have happened...are happening and what I want to happen… (well I will actually get to these soon)

I had a great time at camp and I am very glad I went! It is always nice to be with fellow diabetics for a week (it gets me back in to the swing of things) especially those that I have known since I was nine! It is one of those times where you think…Wow! I haven’t seen or spoken to you in months but we haven’t skipped a beat. It really is something special!! I was especially excited to see and spend a week with Brienne! It has been awhile since we have seen each other so of course like always we were together the entire week! A few other side notes from camp

1. Nature was not really fond of me…I got scratched from a crazy plant on Sunday which got infected and was weirdly pink all week long. I got bit by mosquitoes approximately twenty times all over the body. I got a rash under each of my armpits and an ant bit me on my stomach while I was in my sleeping bag. Yikes! I guess I need to be “one with nature” more!
2. I tried fencing! It was fun but one of the campers kicked my butt!
3. Its fun/frustrating to be with older kids…some are so respectful and have there stuff together and some are disrespectful and have no idea how to take care of their own diabetes. But that’s where I step in and do my duties! Hehe!

4. I’m glad I had the weird dreams that made me finally decide to go!

Here are the some of the TAP campers at our overnight. We were headed to Hidden Canyon but didn't quite make it...but we found this fun little water hole!!

We are pretty good tye dyers! Probably are best ones yet :) I wanna have a tye dye party!

Somehow on the overnight (well my shoes did get wet) my shoes shrunk big time so Hot Rod cut out the front part of my shoes!

Tye Dye TAP Dance! Lady Counselors!

Weird Bug Eyes!

TAP (Teen Adventure Program)  DC's (Diabetic Counselor)s!
That's Miss Paulina....We are getting down/she is ready to get it...she is my favorite camper of all time!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


That is a happy aagh..if those are real! I just decided to go to camp!! Two days before its time to head up! Oops! I go every year (since 1994); however this year I was overwhelmed with graduating...not having a job...the wedding...
Ya know!
So before I go for a week...
I LOVE Mr.Brian West...My Main Man!
My Family and Friends and
Miss Princess Fiona Pearl!
I'm not leaving for good but these people come up in my blogs and since they wont for a week I thought I would let them know I love them!!

In the last two days that I have been off from work I have found :
 *my Bridal Shower Inspiration...and lots of stuff to go with it (will have pics to share soon)!
*an invitation idea that turned into a BEAUTIFUL invitation creation! Cant wait to share!
 *that Fiona went in her "Castle"
all by herself (kinda, she may have been sleepy)!! Hehe :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dollar Bill...

Have you ever you own you want it??!??!
The first time i made one of these was for Kelley's Bridal Shower! They were getting married in Vegas and I thought it was quite appropriate...don't you! He he! ;)
Oh wait or was it Jenny's(Goodman/Darbison) Lingerie Bridal Party? Who got married first ladies??!! Well Megan came over the other day and asked me to help make her one (she thought of the cute addition...the it!) and we took a picture and were talking about how I should sell them or something...I mean you can sell anything anymore on Etsy! But I was so concerned about some crazy person saying I was defacing the beautiful dollar bill (Hello...its still good, just turning it into a good quick giggle!)! So I didn't do anything until Kristian spotted a book that turned dollars into rings, pencil covers, bowls and so on...I just googled a Dollar Bill Origami book, so I am good. With that, I would like to share my neat little creation with all and please be sure to let me know if you need one!
 Any $$$ Amount You Want! :)
Let me know!

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