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Monday, July 26, 2010

Back from Vaca/Wedding Updates

I just returned from one of the best weekends ever with my amazing friends! Can’t wait to share “some” of the highlights ;) but must compile the 1000 or more pictures we took on the cameras!

Here are a few updates on wedding stuff:

We finally registered! I have know idea why this was such a hard thing for me. We went to Macy’s and spent an hour and a half there and are grand total was 11 things! Aagh! It is so difficult to pick things out on the spot. Then we went to Target and clicked a few more things but then the question was do we register for that here or there (Macy’s). So although it was slightly frustrating its somewhat done… (still have to add a few things here and there) CHECK!

"I just want to get some good pillows"

We had a quick scare…
We found out our wedding coordinator was let go!!! We were told someone else would take over so (I did a quick freak out) we put together a list of all our questions and the things that needed to be clarified and met with Nunie who would now be working with us.
I am not going to lie I was really worried.
But it went extremely well!!
He was fantastic and made us feel so comfortable. We made appointments for things like the linen colors, food tasting and cake tasting. He said I will check into this and check into that and we will make it all work, what ever we wanted he would make it happen. So in the end I am so happy and thankful for the switch!

The next big thing he just confirmed for us was that In Pockets where we will be getting our cake CAN make us an ice cream cake!! Brian will be one happy groom! That was one request he had on his very short request list! Yay!!

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  1. Yeah Brian...I knew you were going to have a ice cream cake some how in this wedding. I like ice cream..yummm.