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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Invitations Are In the Works

But you aint' seen nothing yet!
They are in the very beginning stages. I have known what I wanted them to look like for sometime now but just finished up the details/wording for the inside. I searched and searched to find something I liked to purchase but nothing really rang “Ya that’s the one for us”! So I am making them and they ring beautifully. Here is a run down of supplies I needed and purchased for the project:

Purple Cardstock: Hobby Lobby- 100 sheets 50% off=$15.00

Aged Cardstock: Paper Plus-250sheets=$14.95

Big envelopes: Paper Plus-250 sheets=$21.95

Small envelopes: Paper Plus-250 sheets=$11.66

Ribbon: Michael’s- 2 for $3.00=$9.00

Misc= Glue, stamps, (got both when 50% off) and printer ink (refilled for a bit cheaper)

So as of right now under $100.00 can’t beat that! Oh and the extra paper and envelopes will be used for Thank you cards! It’s the postage that will tack on an extra few.
I folded the card stock yesterday and Brian cut the ribbon!
It has begun... and I am very excited for the end result!

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  1. Be careful on postage, I just saw that stamps are going to increase in price. That happened to me before my wedding. I bought these cute heart stamps and right after that the postage went up, so I had to tack on the 2 cent stamps on my invitations too. You think someone at the post office would have mentioned it when I bought 200 stamps. I don't know when it goes into effect, but I would make sure I ask.