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L+B At the Beach
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Saturday, July 17, 2010


I previously posted about these bottles I found...

40 of them for $3.50...what a steal! So half of them are being used for my aisle way decorations
and then I would really like to use the rest for this...

I have been eyeing this for quite sometime and I just LOVE it! Not sure how it will work but I will figure it out/make it work!

I also want to incorporate these keys that I purchased...they are three times bigger than I thought they were going to be ( I don't want to complain :) but the colors are very different, a few of them have a white/green wash to them, kinda strange, I will have take a pic to show the difference)!! Oops, I ordered three sets. So I was thinking I could use them at the tables or do something like this:

with the hanging flower bottles! Inspiration it is, not sure what will come of it...stay posted :)

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  1. A key to a good a lot of keys. LOL
    This is going to be a beautiful wedding.