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L+B At the Beach
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Days Leading Up To the Big Day…Sunday

I called this the calm before the storm…the stresses that would soon come! ;) 
The following day would be the Monday of the week I would be getting married! WOW!
Brian and I went to the Jack Johnson concert and it was amazing! We were with my friend Brienne (we have been going to camp together since we were 9) and her husband and they shared some exciting news with us! Hooray for them and their little McDowell on the way!

Jack (his hair was a lot longer than it was last time I saw him) played every song I wanted to hear. He also brought along G Love and the Special Sauce and Paula Fuga which was just fantastic!

When I was 13 a counselor at Camp AZDA…(Friendly Pines Camp) the greatest place on earth for one week of the year! played this tape while we were cruising to the lake and I just looooved it! I asked him numerous questions about the band and he ended up giving me the tape…it was G Love!! :)

On the last encore song they played Better Together all together and I was a happy woman! Side note: This is the song we used for our bridal party to come down to…
we are all Better Together that’s for sure!
Unfortunatley the camera ran out of memory...oops,
so Brian recorded it on his phone but we had some technical difficulties so no recording...bummer!

But we did get a portion of this cute song(one of my favs)! Do You Remember
**I am working on my video skills ;)

If you want to hear the great version....have a listen here!
Do You Remember

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