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L+B At the Beach
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Stuff/Projects

So far this is what has been completed...
Portland  see here
Diabetes Camp see here
Cleared out my email Inbox 600+emails and Junk Mail box!!!
(This is a big deal for me, i don't like deleting things for good)
Summer Fun Program: Coming Soon
San Diego: Coming Soon :)
Birthday Celebrations: Coming Soon :)
Deep Cleaning the Grout in Kitchen
(Oh boy this is gonna be a challenge,
I have currently completed 16 sq. ft. Yikes!
Organizing Drawers: Junk drawer, DONE Tupperware cabinet: DONE :) Under my Bathroom Sink: Done
Making Pasta: Coming Soon
Redo Living Room and Bedroom
(both have been worked on but not COMPLETED).

I asked Brian if we could paint a wall in our bedroom...he says yes! So I picked out a color and on Sat we went to Home Depot and made the purchase. Brian was in charge of taping off and I started to roll. I realize I am not really good at it (as he made really "kind" comments about the job I was doing)...
so I gave up!
Brian to the rescue says let me surprise you...
...he was up there for over two hours!
He ended up putting the room back together and it's not the best picture but here it is and what I plan to do with it. We have two 11x14 pictures that will be hung I just have to decide on what pictures and then I am using the cute little thing from our wedding to hang pictures down the middle of the wall. All I need is new sheets and pillows, hang the pictures, and I will be happy! I like the new color, it helps brighten up the room a little (hard to see in the photo taken in the evening ;)!
 (kinda like this but against the wall)
So far so good! But more to come...


  1. The wall looks good, I can't wait to see it in person. Glad to hear that you are accomplishing things on your summer to do list. It sure feels good to get things done.

  2. I like the wall..nice green. Lib