L+B At the Beach

L+B At the Beach
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Friday, June 3, 2011


Day One:
We arrived on Friday to gray skies and rain, not what we are used to. Iz was sitting in her chair eating when we arrived. She is the cutest niece I have ever had ;) We went to the Rhododendron Gardens which was very pretty. Flowers and plants and crazy ducks that kept dipping under the water as seen below ;) We went to Reed College where Jake works and it is an amazing campus! It started to rain pretty hard so I didn't get any pictures but it was beautiful! We also did what we did well all week long...
drank coffee and ate very tasty food!
Bottoms up, haha!

Day Two:
Farmers Market!!!
How I love them so! We had some biscuits and gravy, bought some veggies, bread, the best pesto ever and apples! Walked around down town, BBQed that night and then watched a movie together! It was a fantastic day!

 Isn't she lovely...Isn't she wonderful...

Day Three:
Malmouth Falls
It was beautiful! Once we got to the top part you could feel the spray of the fall, it was so green and crisp feeling!
Bonneville Dam Tour
Brian got super excited about the dam because he saw it on one of the shows on the History Channel!
Full Sail Brewery Tour
Our tour guide Randy was awesome and was so passionate about his job. It is a neat little brewery and very good beer! We ate some beer cheese soup and I NEED to find the recipe, it was delicious!!!
 Lots of beer!
This is my favorite from Full Sail! :)

Day Four:
Tillamook Cheese Tour:
I was in heaven! The factory was not working because it was Memorial Day but they still had the sample area open ;) I purchased these delicious things...
They are called 'Squeeky Cheese'!

Seaside, OR
 The Hay Stack
Just so you know:
Haystack Rock is a 235-foot tall sea stack/rock formation on the Oregon coast the third-tallest such "intertidal" (meaning it can be reached by land) structure in the world.
 Doesn't this look like a painting or postcard!?
 Looking Goood!!
 I like to call this her "cheese ball" face!

 That's what I have so far...more to come!

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  1. Had a wonderful time with all of you. So glad we got time to spend together. Mom