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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Time!

A fabulous school year has come to an end! I cant believe how quickly it went but I have to tell you it was the best year I have had so far!! I always have great kids and fabulous parents so I have feeling it was because I was completely done with school and the wedding planning was over real stressors! ;)
But I also have to say that this group of kids got along so well, we learned many wonderful things, we danced our afternoons away and we got really good at laughing away our grumpiness and tears! I hope they have a fantastic summer and have fun in first grade! Looking forward to another fabulous year!

We had a little cake to celebrate all of their accomplishments!
 Inside the box is a collection of their work throughout the year! Its so funny to see the writing and drawing they do on the very first day of school and the last! I also love looking through their journals, the development in their writing skills is really something!
 We made these cute labels ( I hope you have a Cool summer!) and put them around the water bottle, attached a Hawaiian Punch drink mixer and a straw. I think they are super cute and you could do this for any occasion!

Summer vacation here you are! You came way too fast but I am ready to
accomplish many things :)
We are going to start with Portland Yay!!!!
Diabetes Camp
Summer Fun Program
San Diego
Birthday Celebrations!
Organizing Closets
Making Pasta
Redoing Living Room and Bedroom
Deep Cleaning the Grout in Kitchen
(or rip up the floors and do wood...i don't know just a thought ;)
These are just a few...I will keep you updated on what I accomplish!

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