L+B At the Beach

L+B At the Beach
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Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Big Surprise From Bri!

This happened awhile ago but I had forgotten to post...
I heard a new song from Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock called Collide and then I heard that they are coming to AZ! I was obviously super excited ;) 
Not sure how the convo started but I said to Brian...
L: So one of my all time favorite singers ever is coming to town...
B: I know
L: Oh really...what do you mean you know! (Usually I have to inform him of these types of things)
B: Ya I know she is coming August 5th
L: What?! Oh ok (thought I would bust his balls) with who??
B: Kid Rock (shoot he got me)
L: How do you know all this information Mr.???
B: Because I bought you tickets!!!
L: Eeeeeee! (Still in shock) Really?!
B: (with his cute side smile) Yes!
I Love him!
Cant wait to go...please feel free to get tickets and join us!! ;)
Last time I saw her was at the State Fair with Mom, Kristian, Kelley, Cathy and Gail!! :)

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