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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back From Camp

I’m back from camp and these are few of the things that have happened...are happening and what I want to happen… (well I will actually get to these soon)

I had a great time at camp and I am very glad I went! It is always nice to be with fellow diabetics for a week (it gets me back in to the swing of things) especially those that I have known since I was nine! It is one of those times where you think…Wow! I haven’t seen or spoken to you in months but we haven’t skipped a beat. It really is something special!! I was especially excited to see and spend a week with Brienne! It has been awhile since we have seen each other so of course like always we were together the entire week! A few other side notes from camp

1. Nature was not really fond of me…I got scratched from a crazy plant on Sunday which got infected and was weirdly pink all week long. I got bit by mosquitoes approximately twenty times all over the body. I got a rash under each of my armpits and an ant bit me on my stomach while I was in my sleeping bag. Yikes! I guess I need to be “one with nature” more!
2. I tried fencing! It was fun but one of the campers kicked my butt!
3. Its fun/frustrating to be with older kids…some are so respectful and have there stuff together and some are disrespectful and have no idea how to take care of their own diabetes. But that’s where I step in and do my duties! Hehe!

4. I’m glad I had the weird dreams that made me finally decide to go!

Here are the some of the TAP campers at our overnight. We were headed to Hidden Canyon but didn't quite make it...but we found this fun little water hole!!

We are pretty good tye dyers! Probably are best ones yet :) I wanna have a tye dye party!

Somehow on the overnight (well my shoes did get wet) my shoes shrunk big time so Hot Rod cut out the front part of my shoes!

Tye Dye TAP Dance! Lady Counselors!

Weird Bug Eyes!

TAP (Teen Adventure Program)  DC's (Diabetic Counselor)s!
That's Miss Paulina....We are getting down/she is ready to get it...she is my favorite camper of all time!

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  1. You always had fun when you went to camp. I remember the 1st time I watch you get on to that bus as a camper. Excited and worried mixed emotions. Now look at you a DC. Love you PE...