L+B At the Beach

L+B At the Beach
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


That is a happy aagh..if those are real! I just decided to go to camp!! Two days before its time to head up! Oops! I go every year (since 1994); however this year I was overwhelmed with graduating...not having a job...the wedding...
Ya know!
So before I go for a week...
I LOVE Mr.Brian West...My Main Man!
My Family and Friends and
Miss Princess Fiona Pearl!
I'm not leaving for good but these people come up in my blogs and since they wont for a week I thought I would let them know I love them!!

In the last two days that I have been off from work I have found :
 *my Bridal Shower Inspiration...and lots of stuff to go with it (will have pics to share soon)!
*an invitation idea that turned into a BEAUTIFUL invitation creation! Cant wait to share!
 *that Fiona went in her "Castle"
all by herself (kinda, she may have been sleepy)!! Hehe :)

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  1. Love and miss you Lo. Camp is always fun..I am glad you went. Yes, the invites are beautiful. You are creative. I need to go visit my 4legged granddaughter Princess Fiona Pearl...she is a cutie. Love you to Bri-guy. Mom