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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dollar Bill...

Have you ever you own you want it??!??!
The first time i made one of these was for Kelley's Bridal Shower! They were getting married in Vegas and I thought it was quite appropriate...don't you! He he! ;)
Oh wait or was it Jenny's(Goodman/Darbison) Lingerie Bridal Party? Who got married first ladies??!! Well Megan came over the other day and asked me to help make her one (she thought of the cute addition...the it!) and we took a picture and were talking about how I should sell them or something...I mean you can sell anything anymore on Etsy! But I was so concerned about some crazy person saying I was defacing the beautiful dollar bill (Hello...its still good, just turning it into a good quick giggle!)! So I didn't do anything until Kristian spotted a book that turned dollars into rings, pencil covers, bowls and so on...I just googled a Dollar Bill Origami book, so I am good. With that, I would like to share my neat little creation with all and please be sure to let me know if you need one!
 Any $$$ Amount You Want! :)
Let me know!

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