L+B At the Beach

L+B At the Beach
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Look What I Bought...

Who buys forks?? ME!
 I got them yesterday and LOVE them!

I feel that is all I have been doing lately but oh well its fun and

its for the wedding ;)

Ooh I cant forget these...

They are the best cups (well they could be a bit larger)! I searched around town at different Starbucks for their new plastic ones but they are all out everywhere! They said they only get two shipments a year and they have already gotten both. She did fill me in and say they may get some around Christmas time. I didn't want to wait that long... So yesterday right at the entrance of Costco I found these! The one above comes in a three pack. They seem to be a big hit, the guy at the register said they have been going fast and the the lady at the door said she bought two sets! So get em while they are hot!! The pack of three was just under ten bucks :)


  1. OMG I have the Starbucks version of that cup, and I too had to track them down. Let me tell you there's like ONE Starbucks in Ahwatukee that has them still.