L+B At the Beach

L+B At the Beach
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Yes! I would have loved to have been married to Mr. Brian West on this day!

However it is a Sunday...
I wanted to make sure everyone was able to enjoy the evening and not worry about going to work! Hehe!
I love these (numbered) kind of days
7.7.7 We headed to Laughlin to win some big bucks! Sure we did!!!
8.8.8 Not much just started teaching my second year....I was kinda serious then!
9.9.9. I thought this is the day Bri was going to propose (usually I can figure this guy out ;)... but it was not (10.17.09) but I do remember walking to the mailbox together (thought maybe it was going to be in there *shrug* you never know with Bri) and then we went to dinner at Roy's a very yummy place!

But 10.10.10 will be the Calm Before the Storm!! Haha!
So...Guess whats happening on this day...
Mr. Jack Johnson will be gracing us with his presence at Cricket Pavilion and I am super excited!!! Eeeee! Who is coming! Oooh I cant wait to be on the lawn listening to my (totally) second "main man" (don't worry he knows) jam out!! Hurry Hurry get your tickets! We will tailgate prior: grilling up something and beer! Be there or be square!

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