L+B At the Beach

L+B At the Beach
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Monday, June 21, 2010


Is the word we used when we went out to do some "wedding talk" and ended up at the place where I will become Mrs. West and he will officially have me forever and ever as his wife!
We started with some wine and snacks at the Kokopelli Winery and then went next door to...

It has a really neat patio (now...imagine it decorated!)

So guess where we might have our rehearsal dinner! (Just a maybe as of right now) The owner was really nice and gave us some info on having it there, it’s conveniently close!

After that we cruised to San Marcos and really walked all over the premises. We have seen it many times before but for some reason it was extra amazing! I think the evening part of it made it feel the way it did…or maybe because the day is soon approaching! Here are a few pics to give you an idea of how October 15th will look/feel (Magical)
You have to pretend that all the fun stuff and people are there ;) Enjoy!


  1. I was awaiting your nightly post, you night owl, you! :-)
    I can't wait for the magical day when you become Mrs. West!!!!
    The venue looks great! I'm anxious as well to see it all done up with your touch in every nook and cranny (the corners! Get it? Haha, I had to add it after today's project!) :-)

  2. This is a beautiful place and that day/night will be the most magical day of your lives. You two are very lucky to have each other. MOM :)

  3. My cousin got married there last year and it was gorgeous. All of their wedding was inside, but the grounds are beautiful. Great choice.