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Monday, February 7, 2011

99 Cents Only...

I have been raving about this place to friends and thought I would show you what I have been talking about! I have been buying my produce at the 99 Cents Only store and have been very happy with all of it. The trick (which I have just figured out) is to ask what days the delivery comes in and that’s when you get the good stuff! The guy there asked if I had seen the strawberries and I told him I did but was worried they wouldn’t be good. He went in the back and washed off one for each of us to try and they were bomb!!

Here is a pic of the things I have recently picked up…

I use the Dole Smoothie makers pictured for breakfast smoothies...I add oatmeal and the mini bananas are perfect (don't look too mini but they are).

That green thing is a brocauliflower (broccoli+cauliflower mix), have tried it yet but excited to.

The Crystal Light Fitness drink things are really good. The peppers keep me going back the most, I have recently acquired quite the love for peppers (not green though) They are .79 cents and in the stores they are up to a $1.79 each.

The big Spring Mix salad thing is sold at Costco for more than a dollar ;)
The arugula mix (so good) and the cranberry walnut salad mix is delicious.

Last week I got the Athenos greek yogurts 3 for .99. They are a dollar or more each in the grocery stores. They had strawberry, blueberry and honey!

 I have also picked up almonds, frozen berries, big portabella mushrooms, Pillsbury cookies, and Pace Salsa. I usually get the Dole steamed potato bag but they just didn’t look as great this time. That is another trick…check the expiration date. Most of the time they have a few more weeks or more but occasionally on the yogurts they can expire a week out.

So again you can see why I have been a 99 cent store spokesman ;)
Happy Shopping!

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  1. You need to send this to the corporate head quarters of the 99 cent store. I know they do not need any advertisment but maybe they will hire you. Love it Lo....