L+B At the Beach

L+B At the Beach
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Saturday, March 27, 2010

We went to a fabulous park...Still Spring Break!

Kristin had her annual kick ball party here (which we were unable to attend this year) however; she brought me to this beautiful place! Its one of those parks that you can lay at for hours. Just laying there you see all the green grass and pretty trees but if you look in the distance you are able to see downtown and the ocean! We ate cheese and crackers and drank mimosas! You cant just do that anywhere, but you can here, and we did!! We also watched other peoples dogs run around!

Which made me want one even more. Ok... so I haven't told many but I think we want a dog. Ahh, Im currently half and half. Of course we want a cute little somebody to come home to but we also like to stay away from home quite often and are not always home. I should just say us getting a puppy is in our thoughts :) I will keep you updated on this one.

Back to the was great! Here are few other things we did! :)

Oh how I love Kristin and San Diego!
Side Note: Wished that my Main Man was there!


  1. I want to go there! How awesome is that? You can drink outside at a PARK! COOLIO!!! Let's go in July! :-)



    -Kristin Ann Humphrey