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L+B At the Beach
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh What A Successful Day!!

Today a few things were checked off and we are feeling good! We met at San Marcos today at 4:30 to check linen color and taste the food. The table color is beautiful (don't think it was the color I originally picked but oh well it looked awesome)! We also picked the style of napkins we would like. Most importantly we tried the food and it sure was delicious!! They ended the tasting with two very tempting desserts so we finished on a sweet note! :) We went over many more details which was nice, each day I feel like I am accomplishing things!
From there we headed to Men's Warehouse and picked out the guys/boys attire!! They sure are gonna look good!!
Oh and the flower girl shoes are set but they are going to be a surprise for them, so I cant share on here! They will be super cute on my little flower girl beauties!!

Oh and I will probably be checking the mailbox everyday now that the invites are out :) I have already received two, woo hoo!

Well I always love to have a picture with a post and since I do not have one for this one I thought I would share a few of Fiona!

It was $2 at Target she only wore it for 5 minutes...she was posing! :)
A little Summer Fun in her pool!
Look at her tongue and the way she is looking at Age...too cute!

We were cruising to the Vet!! Hehe she really likes riding in the car now!
She is starting to really look like A Bull Dog! Her face is turning as she is growing up. She is so playful (slightly aggressive , but with all most friendly intentions)! She has had a few playdates and she is quite "friendly" again likes to play (bite legs and chase all around) and I feel like an embarrassed mom that has to tell her kid to get it together! It is so funny, but here is my excuse...she is still a puppy!! :)

Oooh my next post will be the 100th!! Guess who will be guest posting on Lauren and Brian Time! Well if you are not certain you better check back soon!!

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