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L+B At the Beach
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Monday, August 23, 2010

They Are in the Mail!!

Woo Wee! Time is flying! We are under two months and we are checking things off but little things continue to be added to the list. A few updates:

The biggest check(drum roll please)

Invitations Have Been Sent!!

I love them and I love my friends and family for helping put the masterpieces together! Thank you, thank you!! We had an awesome assembly line going and accomplished everything! I have to say they came out exactly as I wanted them to!

Brian finalized the Honeymoon plans! I will come back to this soon…

Wedding Weekend was a success! Ran around town with mom on Saturday and found a pair of shoes but not too sure about them anymore. Also found the flower girl shoes (I think). I did find earrings and as of now I am definitely keeping them. So it seemed successful as I bought things in excitement but we will have to see.

On Sunday Brian and I also ran around town and I bought his Wedding Ring!! It was so neat to see it on his finger, it kind of made me feel giddy inside and I know for certain Brian felt the same way. You should have seen the grin on his face and they way he was kind of moving his hand around. It was too cute!! Brian also made a bench for the inside of the house that will match the entry way table (that he also built…he is turning into quite the carpenter) and one for the backyard which I plan on painting a fun color!

Food Tasting and Linen check is scheduled for Wednesday!

I will be getting my hair done, doing a hair trial and getting dress alterations this coming Saturday! It will be quite the beauty day!

And my Bridal Shower is on Sunday. I can’t wait to enjoy the day with family and friends. It is going to be so much fun!

Eeee! Big things happening and more to come!! 


  1. Wow! The invitations are amazing! You are so creative and clever, I just love them! See you Sunday :)

  2. Lauren you did a beautiful job on the invites. I can see a part time future in this. LOL mom