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L+B At the Beach
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Fun In San Diego!

Last year I had my bachelorette party in San Diego!
It was an amazing trip which can be recapped for you here
and we planned to do another adventure this year. However, two parts of the crew were unable to come :(
This trip was much more relaxed and basically we beached it all day and then went out in the evening!!
Day 1
Here we come San Diegoooo!!
 PB Shore Club!
 :) we are again at the Shore Club with Miss Kristin!

 We ended up going to dinner and then went and laid out on the beach and chit chatted, we only wished we had a little beach fire!

Day 2
Our little beach set up!

 We cleaned up a bit and ready to get dinner...
We found this neat bar...Hehe! :)
I bought Brian this Super Cool hat ;)

Day 3
We had a great breakfast and took an awesome walk around the bay! We ended up here and enjoyed more sunshine! :) 
We didn't take out the camera much this night, this is all we got. But we sure did count down the minutes to my birthday and did some celebrating!!

Thanks for all the fun was another fabulous trip!
So the new plan is to do the next one in six months not twelve! You in?!?!

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  1. Oh ya I am down for sure!!! So, 6 months will technically be January-ish, but possibly Spring Break shall be the next one.
    It was a great trip, wish I took more pics, but our memories/flashbacks will help us relive it all. :-)