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L+B At the Beach
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Brian!

Brian is finally realizing that you can celebrate your birthday for an entire week(end)! I have been trying to get him to do this for years ;) I kept hearing comments like...Well it is my birthday weekend...and It's ok it's my birthday weekend! I was out back airing out the couch cushions and  he comes out with the computer on his shoulder blaring The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars and he says remember how they used to put boom box's on their shoulders? Well what do you think of this! It was hilarious and I grabbed my camera... ;) He then said Since it's my birthday weekend I don't feel like doing anything today!

Which brings me to the next picture because an hour later I asked him to hang a mirror (oops, i know its his birthday weekend just wanted to see what it would look like up) and this what is needed in order to do so I guess...

Hahaha, such a handy man!

I did make Brian some awesome French Dip sandwiches that were super easy to make! I found the recipe here
The only thing I (forgot to get at the store was) did different was no Italian packet, I used dried chopped onion. They were delicious and I highly recommend making them.

And now a quick story to preface what we did to end his birthday weekend...
In 2007 we headed to Laughlin to celebrate our birthdays and 7-7-7 (July 7th, 2007)!! This is also the year Transformers came and out and all Brian wanted for his birthday was to see the movie! I have to be honest I was not that stoked to go see it. We went to the movie theater which we found out sold beer so Brian was a happy man with popcorn and beer! The movie ended up being so intense and beyond awesome, we loved it! So guess what we did this year!
Transformers: Dark of the Moon in 3D!
We were not disappointed..another great movie!! :)

Happy Birthday Brian!
 I hope all your birthday wishes come true, I Love You!


  1. Cute! Love all the pics. Bri Guy is so hilarious. I hope he did/is enjoying his birthday week(end.)
    Tranformers was AMAZING! :-)

  2. Funny got to make it fun when you are working on the "honey do" list.
    I agree Transformers was AMAZING!!!