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Monday, May 16, 2011

Dunk Tank!

I had a mom ask if I would like to participate in a dunk tank to raise money for my classroom and receive a free hour massage! I of course said yes and said I would have another participant! :) 
Boy did I marry the right man!
 He always complains once we are at the events but when I ask he says
 “Sure, it’s for the children!” in his funny serious voice.

It was a great event, free food and lots of vendors! Celeste the mom that rallied us up had her own booth! She is the one that gave me the amazing clock that hangs in our home! Check out her site!
such a clever name!!

There was a total of six teachers that participated and the Bri and we each made $42! I was extremely excited, that money will help with all the fun end of the year activities I have planned!

 Got him! :)

 Chris had to get Brian :)

 Kristian (Miss Burrell) also made an appearance :)
She had quite the crowd!! ;)

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