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Monday, November 15, 2010

Wedding Celebration at School

I have such an amazing group of parents this year…I feel extremely lucky! On Friday (a week before the wedding) nine moms came in to give me a wedding celebration! They sang Happy Wedding Day to You…; they presented me with a gift card to Target with the sweetest card.
It said…
You have only taught our children for a short period of time now but they have absolutely fallen in love with you and so have we”!
Tears began to fall and I told them I was not sad just super happy! One of my little guys said I know those are tears of joy! Big smile! Oooh, I cant forget about the delicious and fancy homemade cupcakes! Then they gave me the Keys to A Happy Marriage and Wedding, a book that they made for me! A few of the quotes from my one and only little ones!

“You should be beautiful and super smart”! –Brennan

“Don’t be mean when you are getting married”.-Adrianna

“Be really nice to your husband, Stay together and have a baby”! –Amyrah

“You’re not supposed to be crazy when you get married. You’re supposed to do what you are supposed to do! You should look pretty!” –Lauren

“You’ll get lots of kisses! You should look really beautiful! You are beautiful! Go to the zoo with Brian!

“Be good to Mr. Brian”. –Arturo

SO I got it covered…Don’t be crazy, have a baby, do what I am supposed to do…be beautiful and take Brian to the zoo!! : ) I will see what I can do! Hehe!
I also received this amazing clock…the front said The West Family est. 2010 and then Celestial Clock Co, the mom that made it for me is named Celeste! So creative! All the kids signed the back and then they wrote, Thank you for all the time you put in to teaching our children. We hope every minute of your wedding is joy and bliss! Oh boy, just writing about it gets me all choked up. If you want a clock let me know she can make one for you!

They are beuatiful and the customized part is my favorite!

I felt so special and loved!

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