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L+B At the Beach
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Friday, April 15, 2011

1/2 Year!

So it’s been 6 months of marriage and 9 and half years of LOVE! Well of course we have had the good ol’ ups and downs but boy we sure continue to work on our relationship day by day. Its funny sometimes the stuff that we argue about (communication) and it is even funnier with the stuff we laugh about (Fiona Pearl, life in general, and each other)! Brian truly is the most kind hearted and patient man I know. I could go on and on about all of his qualities and I would be lying if there weren’t things that I complain about too (he is a real man) ;)

Over the last six months we both have been challenged…
After the wedding money became an issue that we began to deal with more and more each day…it seriously hit us with a shit ton of bricks. This was something we have not had to deal with to this degree yet but there it was! At first you don’t notice and then it creeps up on you in every which way. It’s a terrible thing. It has allowed us to really evaluate our needs and wants…but I have to admit I don’t think we have ever went above our means, ok maybe I just pushed it here and there on FUN stuff! Even though we have been challenged in the last few months we have grown together. I of course look forward to the next six months as we hit the real first year of marriage, this is just the hump! And a hump it has been! Brian has worked so hard in the last few months and I am confident that from here on it will be smooth sailing!


I appreciate how hard you work each day for me and the family we can’t wait to start making! You have truly shown me over the years what an amazing man you are. Not only do I know this but so does our family and friends. I can’t wait to start our new chapter in life…Baby Love!! You are my main man and always will be. I love you!

Love, Lo

 "The Key to Love"
by Anon, 1st century China
"The key to love is understanding…
The ability to comprehend not only the spoken word,
but those unspoken gestures,
the little things that say so much by themselves.

The key to love is forgiveness…
to accept each others faults and pardon mistakes,
without forgetting, but with remembering
what you learn from them.

The key to love is sharing…
Facing your good fortunes as well
as the bad, together;
both conquering problems, forever
searching for ways
to intensify your happiness.

The key to love is giving…
without thought of return,
but with the hope of just a simple smile,
and by giving in but never giving up.

The key to love is respect…
realizing that you are two separate people,
with different ideas;
that you don't belong to each other,
that you belong with each other, and share a mutual bond.

The key to love is inside us all…
It takes time and patience to unlock all the ingredients
that will take you to its threshold;
it is the continual learning process that demands a lot of work,
but the rewards are more than worth the effort…
and that is the key to love."


  1. Beautiful post!!!!
    I can't believe it has been 6 months already, time goes by so fast.

  2. I love you both, very much. Mom,L :)