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L+B At the Beach
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Well here I was again…
Stranded, left for dead on the side of the canal!
(not really just being dramatic however,
I was ready to throw it in the canal!)
If you haven’t been introduced yet, this is
my new bike (she has a basket now)!
We named her after the venomous snake we saw on the last hike.
It was red, black, and white! :)
The funniest part is that Lindsey was so worried about Snakes since the weather was changing. We thought she was acting a little crazy ;) Well at the very start of the hike there it spotted it! Here is a video which was supposed to be a picture... you can see it for a quick minute (barely)!

On our way out we were chatting with a ranger and we gave him the scoop on the snake we saw…he was so disappointed that we saw it and he didn't (that was his handbook we are looking at above). He said he has been working there for 3 years, 5 days a week and has been waiting to see one. Isn’t that crazy, we thought it was a hoot!

So my reason for the post was...
I have been cruising the canal and I have scared a few people recently. Even when you are far away and give the heads up you still scare the Sh*t out of people. Well guess what happened to me today…
I was cruising listening to All 4 One, She’s Got Skillz ;) working it on the bike( just kidding)and all of sudden my groove turns into a jolt when I hear “on your left”
I let out a weird noise
He apologizes immediately
I say no worries as I start to laugh
 because I can see my scared self in action as
I have recently just done this to others!! Haha!
How do you prevent this?? No matter how far you are no one knows you are coming ! :)


  1. Buy a mirror for your helmet! DUH! Tell me you wear a helmet?!

  2. The video post is short but does prove we did see that bad venomous little raskal.
    You can ride "without" headphones...and I will get you a bell (I promised). Mom :)