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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Traditions

Every year for Christmas my mom has given us an ornament. I think it is one of my all time favorite traditions! I appreciate them now more than ever. It might be because we have our own home and that is what fills up our tree. I love putting them up each year and doing the, “oh ya, I remember this one”! Brian’s mom has also passed down her big collection of Disney ornaments…I can’t wait to pass both the ornament collection and tradition on to our children!

My (Oldest) Babies First Christmas Ornament 1983!
My (Newest) New Home Ornament2009

Brian and I celebrated our first Christmas together in 2001 but I gave him his first LOVE ornament in 2002! Jessica reminded me the other day how we would search all around the mall for the perfect ornament. I usually went to the little kiosk, they had really cute ones but you can see in 2006/07 I had to look elsewhere because they did not update their selection ;)
Not sure where 2009 is...yikes!

This is one tradition I would recommend
to anyone!!

Oh and I had to add this cute little thing that was beside the tree!!


  1. Cute post! The ornament tradition is a great one! My parents have done that with us as well and now CJ has that tradition. I love the new addition to the "tree", Miss Fiona Pearl!!!!!!

  2. G-ma will have to start a new "doggie" ornament for the Princess of the house....maybe Babies 1st Christmas. Love you PFP...