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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Things That Made Me Smile Today!

I had one of my students from last year say the cutest thing to me. One of those that you wish could have been recorded  because it was that cute! It was the end of the day and he came over to say hello! I gave him a big squeeze and I asked, "Oh S, what do you want from Santa Claus ( I believe he was wearing a Santa hat and this is what sparked the convo), tell me, tell me, what is it that you want from Santa Claus"? At this time he grabbed my hands, put his forehead to mine and then he looked at me, how creepy does that sound, I should probably leave it out but I wont cause that is what he does. He then responds,
In his silly little (somewhat soft and drawn out) voice!
Oh my heart melted! :)

I also received something on my back porch today (Thank you Chris)! It was a pasta maker! I love me some cheese ravioli and have had wonderful thoughts of creating my own. I have seen it made many times on various cooking it will be a challenge of mine. I will attempt to create the best cheese stuffed (with other things) ravioli over my Christmas break! If anyone would like to assist me in this Challenge I would greatly accept any willing Sous-Chef (de Cuisine (under-chef of the kitchen) is the second in command and direct assistant of the Executive Chef) Hehe!
Cant wait to share the good news of a successful day in the kitchen! (Thinking positively)
P.S. I really ahve no idea what I am getting myself into so if you have any
 recipes and/or ideas I would greatly appreciate them! :)

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  1. Google the recipe..and let me know when they are done...I will be your " guinea piglet"!..Yummmmmm ( I guess I can be your Sous-Chef too!) Mom :)