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Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving! We had our first Thanksgiving at our house as a married couple, isn’t that just so sweet ;) hehe! It was very relaxed and simple, just the basic sides and such. We brought the air mattress down to the living room and we were on it for almost the entire day and it was wonderful! Watched two movies and a whole lot of stuff on the DVR…oh how I love Parenthood and Modern Family :)

We are thankful for each other, our families, our  friends, our home, and our fabulous Fiona Pearl. It is easy to make a list of what we are thankful for but the hard part is remembering to be thankful for these things year round. It is easy to complain about our jobs but we have one. It is easy to want to do all kinds of things to the house but we have one. I want to try my best when I am complaining to remember that I do have amazing things in my life and to not take them for granted!

And now for (I think it might be) our 6th Annual Thanksgiving Eve celebration!

The Family Friendship Pic!!
We have a great time the night of, we wake up and have mimosas and biscuits and gravy, then we eat all day on Thanksgiving! The first one started at RT O’Sullivans (remember those days friends!)! Each year we have tried somewhere different (Doc and Eddies/Half Moon, Grahams) but this year we decided to stay at home and it was a blast!

I made a turkey!!

Haha I found it on this really cute blog and just had to make one! :)

Serving it up...

We moved the fire pit out front it sure was a chilly one this year and the guys were playing
all the college day games in the garage.

Thanks again to everyone that came, it was a really good time! Cant wait for next year ;)
I need my camera back ASAP, these pics are terrible! I called The Geek Squad and they told me it was with a "technician". I asked if she could give an update and she told me that they could not until it was over thirty days, P.S. it was at 28 days.  Its a camera, does it work or not! I said...well the holidays are around the corner and I would just like to know whether I need a new one or not! Hopefully I get some type of update soon! I will be hassling them on day 30 :)

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  1. I had a great time that night. It was nice to stay at your house and not hassle with the crazies that were out. Thank you for opening up your home to us. KB