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L+B At the Beach
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Something Arrived in the Mail!!!

My Dress!!
Yes she really is here and two months early! It is beautiful and perfect! I would love to show pictures but I cant do that ;) Ooohhh stuff is coming along but the list is no where near done!

I found two flowers that I love and will be using! My mom and I went to a flower shop with the grumpiest old man we had ever met. When you think flower shop this is not the type of person you expect to see. He rolled his eyes after each of our questions and seemed...I mean WAS frustrated when we asked him to get us a flower to look at. Any who...he did have some knowledgeable input on flowers :) So here they are:
Purple Crown Aster
and Green
Spider Mum

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  1. I really like the choices of flowers. They are beautiful. Another thing to check off the wedding list!