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L+B At the Beach
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

If you are having a bad day...

Drive your ride to the McDonald's on Val Vista and Guadalupe!
No not to get a fat nasty meal! What you will find is (hopefully if he is working) the most wonderful man ever! His name is Ralph! I do not really know him but what I do know is that he sure knows how to turn your day around. I’m not a regular or anything ;) just like my Big Fat Diet Coke once in awhile but the last few times I have driven through this is what I hear…

Boy, Miss you sure have a lovely voice”

“Looking good today…as usual” This one got me thought he remembered me or something :)

Yesterday (getting drinks for the team at lunch) he takes my debit card and says…"This is one of the best pictures I have seen, people usually don’t take good pictures on these things "…(mind you it was taken 7 years ago, morning pic, not showered, glasses on…you get what I mean)! ;)
Regardless there needs to be more people like this man in the world. I am sure it would be a happier place. I’m telling you…hit it up if you need a smile!
Ok here I go…
When I am on duty in the morning my favorite thing to do is (because it makes them smile which makes me feel good) tell the little ones that they are looking good!
I love your dress! Did you get a haircut? You look handsome today!

The best thing about teaching kindergarten is that( you get it right back) they give compliments like this all the time! They will literally compliment you from your hair to your pedicured toes that they “accidentally” step on and chip! :)

Side Note:
Make someone smile! Say something nice to someone tomorrow…something that they would not usually hear!

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