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Saturday, November 14, 2009

So Lets Talk Wedding...

The venue search has been a little stressful but I am beginning to see what I love (The Boojum Tree), what is within our budget, and what I do not like (stinky old houses that they turn into venues). I am sure those of you who have had a wedding realize this but there is so much little stuff to think about and questions to ask when you are at these places. Yikes! This is still in the works…I have some more upcoming appointments!

I did ask some very special ladies to be a part of our wedding. If I could I would have up to eight important people in my bridal party but as I have come to find out you have to limit stuff and make choices, two things I am not good at! Yikes again!

Calling the girls up and asking if they wanted to be a part of our wedding was not something I wanted to do; I wanted to do it in a fun and more creative way! I found these wonderful calendars (check out the website, very inspirational)
at a book store and they were my inspiration to ask… not only because of the cover but also because they can be used to keep track of all the upcoming important dates :)

The front cover of the calendar says:

Life is more beautiful when we share the journey
–Adele Basher

So for each of my girls I wrote a message of the journey we have had together and told them… It would give us more joy and more pride to have you there walking by our side and I would love for you to continue to be apart of OUR new Journey together!

Thats my Sista!!

My absolute beautiful, irreplaceable, exceptional, and amazing sister will be my Maid Of Honor! This Tomboy (in her younger years) wore wrinkled shirts down to her knees and did not give two sh*** about what anyone else thought. She continues to be the same confident, now extremely stylish woman today and I am honored that she will be my main woman as I marry my main man!!
And my Bridesmaids are:
Lindsey and I at her Graduation Party

I was in Lindsey’s Girl Scout troop as a kindergartner (1989) but we did not begin our infamous sleepovers until second grade (1991). Shortly after we began playing soccer together until our final soccer days at Chandler Gilbert! She was there the night I met the man I am going to marry, Mr. Brian West. Lindsey is a very dedicated person…not only to our friendship but to Austin, her family, and her work and she shows it passionately! She has a very kind heart and always has an open ear to listen to anything and everything. I am extremely excited for to be a part of our wedding.

Can you find her...

Jessica was there for those infamous sleepover as well…we also went to junior high dances together, played badminton together in high school :) and she was always with me during our many Chandler Gilbert extravaganzas! Brian reminded me of this so I had to share…The next time I wanted to meet up with Brian (second date if you will…) I informed him I already had plans with Jessica, I never really broke plans with my ladies for a guy! However; this was the beginning of something and I told Brian to call Jessica and ask if it was ok to cancel plans of making cookies so I could hang out with him…Who would have ever guessed blowing off a friend date to make cookies would lead to me being with the love of my life!! Thanks for understanding Jessica! :) Jessica is an exceptional woman who has a heart of gold! Jessica will say something that will make you double take and then you will crack up! She has a way of brightening your day and can always get the party started! I cant wait for you to sing us a little something...Lets Get It On...Haha! :)
Lydia and I: The Dodge Ball Tournament at The Sand Bar

I met Lydia in our 7th grade science class at Shepherd Junior High. You know me…loud and outgoing and Lydia was a bit more relaxed and hip! We were opposites if you will but I would call it more of a balance! There was not a day that went by that we did not spend together. I mean that literally…We went to school together, went home from school together, rented movies and spent the night at each others houses every weekend! As Lydia I have grown so has our friendship…she is a kind and sophisticated woman and I am grateful that she continues to be a part of my life and I am excited to have her by my side throughout the wedding adventure!

As I write these things I think not only of these magnificent women but all the other important people in my life. I appreciate friendships more than some may know! What else would I do with out the people that laugh with me when something is funny, hug me when I feel down, smile and jump up and down with me when I am excited or cry with me when something is painful or touches my heart! I love the relationships I have with the wonderful people I do! Thank you for being a part of my life!

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