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Monday, November 30, 2009

Lauren is a Big Winner!

So...I wish you were up! Because I would be calling to share some fantastic news! But since you are not I will share as best as I can through the blog! Oh but you cant see me jumping up and down...squealing...smiling...jumping on Brian and hooping and hollering some more!

Someone told me about the wedding sight, Style Me Pretty!
and I love it! I will be honest I check it every other day or maybe a few times a day to get ideas and double check stuff ;)
Well last Monday evening I was checking out the site and they had a little giveaway, follow the link and you can see the details, it is the original post where i left my little reasoning along with 463 other women!

Basically... Ariane Goldman is graciously giving away THREE of her short, aubergine gowns to one lucky bride. All you have to do is leave a comment below, letting us know which one of the gowns from twobird’s collection is your favorite. We’ll choose the lucky winner on the Monday after Thanksgiving (Nov 30th). So I did and if you have not guessed it yet...I won!!! I cant believe it! Grandma sent us an engagement card with Scratchers in it the other day and I was wondering how often people win more than one dollar with those things... Then I find out I won three bridesmaid dresses (the short ones are $270 each) just by telling them why I like them!! I am sorry to keep gabbing but I am so excited!!

This is what I read just a short minute ago!! Scroll down just a bit once you are on there...

Twobirds bridesmaids winner will be updated in just a few! for one of our lucky readers. So many options, these truly are the kinds of dresses your girls can wear after the wedding. Congratulations to Lauren who said…

Well I would love to tell you the ones I love and why…First I would like to say they are all amazing…and second my girls are all beautiful and they each have their own body style! That’s why I love each of the following!

I love… “Elizabeth” for Adriane, My maid of honor/sister! She can work anything and I see her working the “Elizabeth”…side note: her middle name!!
I love… “Caroline” for Jessica, the little peek of the back would be something she would be comfortable and amazing in!
I love… “Annie” for Lindsey, this is definitely her style and she would wear it well!
I love… “Jane or Marissa” for Lydia, love the back and she can work it!

Aagh! I am so excited and as soon as my girls find out I know they will be too! These dresses can be worn in various ways be sure to check out the sight!

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