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Friday, February 25, 2011

Whats Happening at Work!

I have been writing down a few of the funny things the kids have said to me lately and wanted to share…

I was on duty in the morning and a girl I had last year came to chit chat.

M: “So how is Mr. Brian?”

Me: “You know what he is good, just busy working.”

M: “Oh, well how is Fiona?”

Me: “She is great, but she did chew up one of my shoes the other day!” Meanwhile I took out my pump to give myself some insulin…

M: “Oh so I see you still have diabetes.”

Giggling Me: “Yes M, yes I do!”

Such a serious conversation and such a funny question! :)
B: “Mrs. West, Can I get your phone number?”

Me: “Why do you want my phone number buddy?”

B: “Well…I want to come to your house.”

Me: “Why do you want to come to my house?”

B: So serious… “So we can play!”

Too cute!

I hear a child calling someone from a distance…It sounds like Mrs. Breast, Mrs. Breast!
I turn to look at someone waving to me!!! West/Breast…hey they rhyme!! :)

I have to admit some days I am glad the day is over, but at the same time
I love what I do and I sure do love them!!

We just added the West Yummy Shack to the classroom! It’s a restaurant/store/drive thru! I have been setting it up and the kids keep asking if it is OPEN( I am keeping them in suspense, hehe). We decorated the outside and the kids just kept throwing out their input…Put an open sign, lets write a menu, the watermelon should be like $20, why don’t you draw a picture of you and Mr. Brian eating outside (unfortunately there was only room for me and the talking bubble)! They cant wait to get in it!

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  1. You know my dearest do "love" what you do. I sure wish my kindergarten teacher was as special as you.
    Loves Mom