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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Garden!!

Just about two weeks ago Brian and i planted
our very first garden!
We (Bri) dug up the rocks on the side of the house, made a trip (or two) to
Home Depot to get the goods and this is what we made...
We have a little bit of everything... Corn in the back, squash at one side,
zucchini at the other, and peppers in the middle( that's the starter plant)!

Then we have a few things germinating separately...some of my favorites...
Tomatoes, basil, (all you need is mozzarella) and peppers!

I came home today to a very happy gardener...

...that showed me our very first sprout! Here it is!!Its from the zucchini mound :)
I cant wait to find a cute sign for the garden and to get some West Produce...
You wanna Buy?!?!

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  1. I want to share the first bite. Meg