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L+B At the Beach
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Friday, April 23, 2010

Can You Guess...

What is in here?!?!

Well...they FINALLY arrived!
I did win free bridesmaid dresses! and I really like them. The color is pretty... I tried one on ;) and felt pretty and twirly in it! Two of the four ladies tried them on and below are a few samples. They truly are amazing...with just a little adjustment it is a different dress! So many options/styles! They are FUN!!!
I have come to the realization that...(well I have been told and have just realized) purples vary extremely but I am ok with/really like it! Who doesnt like variety!! :) But here is Lydia posing with the flower girl dress! If you pull up the under part its almost the same color ;)

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  1. I love the dress and Adriane, Lydia, Jessica, and Lindsey will look beautiful in them. The flower girl dress is just to cute. Cant wait to see it all come together. Loves Mom