L+B At the Beach

L+B At the Beach
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Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Gora Family in Portland

The Gora’s are in Porland and are doing very well! My brother Jacob said, "this place fits my personality" which ultimately made me believe this was the place for him, he has talked a ton about hiking and how he loves the weather and basically everything about it! I hope Isreal and Rachel are as comfortable as my brother! He can sometimes express his excitement through his point of view ;)! They have settled in their apartment and of course have made their apartment a home! I wish my brother could touch up my house, I called him and told him I needed his touch in our home! We were able to call them on Christmas, Skype style and it made the world to my mom! It looked as if Jake and Rachel were ready to hand off Isreal…we just wanted to reach through, grab her, and hug her as much as we could! I wish I could express how beautiful and amazing she is! You two made a beautiful child!

So I have to share one of my favorites ( Ok, so I have tons…)
She looks like a beautiful little Snow Bunny!
I just want to squeeze and love her oh so much!
Don't You!

We Miss You and Love You!!

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